Happiness Fulfilled
by Les Jensen


If you take a look around, there are plenty of folks who don’t look too happy. There can be very good reasons for not feeling happiness in any one moment. Our feelings that don’t feel so good are telling us something important about what we are experiencing in that moment. Feelings can help us hone in on what we do, and what we do not, prefer. If we never face our feelings, they will eventually ruin us. So, for example, feeling the sad side of happy emotions most certainly has its place.

Happiness itself has no requirements of its own. The more conditions or requirements we put on our own happiness, the less happiness we have.

But this article is about a different kind of happiness. A happiness that wells up inside of you, over a long period of time. A happiness that shows up more and more as you learn to honor why you are here, on this Earth, at this time. If you consider the vision of your soul as holding seeds of possibilities, you can learn how to harvest a special kind of happy. A happy that comes about when you have fulfilled some core aspects of your life purpose.

It can seem elusive at first. Many of us have these repetitive visions of what our life could look like. Like some fantasy movie of what our life could have been had we made different choices. But there are seeds of opportunities woven into the visions themselves, if we can learn how to harvest them and bring them about into the life that we are living.

For me, I had never seen myself as an author. Yet my heart and soul kept nudging me to write. And I can tell you, writing had not been even slightly curious to me as I went through high school. I did write some fantasy mini-stories in typing class, but that was out of sheer boredom. Yet, once I actually got around to writing on a serious and consistent level, I can honestly say that it continues to be one of the most satisfying aspects of my life today.

However, this scenario didn’t happen overnight. The first book I wrote took six years to put together. And even by then, the way I wrote had changed dramatically. I ultimately ended up abandoning the hundreds of pages I had written, and consequently, the book was never published. The next book I wrote took me only six months to write. And now the ideas of possible new books pop into my thoughts with every passing week. It took me years to get to this place.

Had I not ever followed that internal nudge to write, perhaps I would never have known the feeling of writing. The deep satisfaction of finishing a book. Or the satisfaction of sharing passionate words that seem to fly out of my soul and down onto the pages before me. Had I not followed this nudge to write, I would not have gotten to know the person I have now become. Thankfully, I did eventually follow the nudge, and I really do feel so much satisfaction and a deep sense of fulfillment.

So, what ideas have been rattling around in your thoughts? It really doesn’t matter if you think you can, or you think you can’t, make them come true. Perhaps the bigger question is: Do you ever move closer to these dreams actually coming true in your life?

When I first started writing, I really didn’t think that what I was writing was ever going to be published. It was more of a … "I think I should be writing these next pages" ... while at the same time not knowing how many pages would actually be churned out onto paper, oftentimes not even knowing what the overall story was really about. But writing is kind of like that. It literally writes you. In other words, what you actually end up writing about, changes who you are. It changes who you are as you get more and more of your thoughts written down.

So, what would the next steps on your journey look like? What are the ideas that keep showing up in your everyday thoughts? What are some of the actions that might move you closer to fulfilling your vision? Perhaps they include the next steps to getting it done!

If we never start a journey, we will never arrive at the end. The ideas and visions that your heart and soul are holding for you are the seeds to your future happiness. Certainly, you can be happy outside of these notions. In fact, your happiness is a choice, of sorts, that you can make in any moment of time. But there is something special about the happiness of walking the journey, as well as in the incremental successes that start to shape the road that you are on.

I have had countless successes ... milestones of sorts ... with each and every book that I have written. And now I don’t hesitate to engage … in yet another book. I want to always honor the vision of my soul, knowing that it was a vision that was handcrafted just for me.

Those visions of our heart and soul are like carrots that dangle in front of us ... hoping, perhaps, that our egos will eventually start taking steps to fulfilling the visions. One day at a time. One step at a time.

Time will go by, whether we decide to follow the visions of our heart and soul, or not. Where will we actually end up in the future? Well, there is a big difference in waiting to start something, versus experiencing yet another success from having taken next steps on our vision. Whether this feeling of fulfillment happens, or not, is entirely up to you. Your heart and your soul will love you either way. But the happiness you can harvest by passing milestones all along the way, well, they can just make your day that much more satisfying.

Let those inspirations of yours be the gifts of your consciousness. Consciously daydream what your life could actually look like. And then let your ego get excited enough to take some action steps in that direction. And the life you change just might be your own. Living a life that has been fulfilled can bring such a deep sense of genuine happiness. A kind of happiness that feels wonderful … day after day. What did your soul have in mind for your life to look like? Do that!

Love You!


Les Jensen is an author, radio host, speaker, energy master and visionary, committed to promoting personal empowerment and his life-purpose of being of service to others. In that vein, Les created New Human Living in 2009, and also hosts New Human Living Radio, sharing insightful conversations with guests who are shaping the future of human consciousness. Les’ latest book, "Forgiven Sinner: God’s Last Savior" was published by Balboa Press in July 2018. His other books include "Citizen King: The New Age of Power" and "Personal Power Fundamentals." To learn more visit his websites at www.NewHumanLiving.com and www.LesJensen.com.