Healing A Lifetime in A Moment
By Julie Matheson
Wouldn’t it be great if it were possible to heal a lifetime in a moment?!  Unless Enlightenment strikes us, the other option is finding a process that works, employing a little focused effort to clear one pattern at a time, and doing it over and over for each pattern we have.

In fact, this is what I propose: that we can clear an entire pattern in one sitting, and that we effectively work on just one pattern at a time.

By clear I mean resolve, change, remove, heal and in some cases re-pattern an entire pattern of belief, thought and behavior you no longer wish to have. 

By one sitting, I mean, change an entire pattern in one dedicated session

By one pattern at a time, I mean give one issue in your life center stage and let it reveal itself entirely, setting aside all other issues for the time being.

Seriously, clear an entire pattern in one session?  Is that possible?  Yes! Absolutely!

If you can find the core energy of an issue, meaning, if you can feel it and describe it, you can clear it as a pattern.  Naming the issue is part of the battle.  Another part is engaging in a practice that thoroughly clears out the energy of that pattern.  The final part is allowing new energy, and a whole new way of being, to take hold.

The reason we call it clearing work is because when you change a pattern deeply, you change the energy of it, and literally clear out the energy that had previously allowed the pattern’s story to have a life of its own through you.

There are many ways to clear out old energy from unwanted emotional patterning yet my preferred way is with plain old paper and pen by writing it down to see the entire pattern in one place and discovering how it influences your life.  Writing slows our mind, giving us a chance to evaluate each thought contained in the pattern.

While not all issues can be resolved in one session, many can; and for those that require more than one session, great progress can still be made in one session. 

Most patterns have certain parameters in how and when they get activated, and they have specific beliefs, thoughts and behaviors associated with them.  By discovering those beliefs, thoughts and behaviors, we can untangle the pattern and see what is going on with it. Once we see how a pattern is operating and why, we can clear it out.  Pattern awareness takes the wind out its sails.  

Not only is it important to find the core energy of an issue by describing it, it is equally essential to find the energy of the solution, even if you don’t know yet what that means.  In other words, find the place of peace in yourself where you can imagine life without your issue, so that you can plant new seeds of grace and ease.  Just one seed of belief in freedom from the issue at hand is enough. 

Name the issue, describe it, get it down in writing, and know you are not stuck with the status quo.  While it is true that each pattern is unique to your circumstances, patterns each have predictable ways of behaving through us and once we discover how our particular patterns operate, we can create lasting change by clearing not just one pattern, but many. 

True healing can happen rather quickly once we find a method that works for us.  It helps to keep things safe by keeping our work confidential.  Safer still is not judging anything we discover within our patterns.  Pattern messages can sometimes be irrational depending on the age they were encoded – that’s okay.  All we are doing is giving them an opportunity to express. 

We only work on one pattern at a time.  This keeps the work streamlined and contained, and offers us a thorough clearing in the end. 

It is our birthright to clear patterns and to live free. Often a pattern is ready to be released and is merely awaiting our recognition of it.  When we are ready to release a certain way of believing, thinking and behaving - usually all three go together (and, health issues, too) - the process for doing it shows up, and resolving it becomes possible.

I wish I could describe to you the joy that happens when a tangled up mess of a pattern is cleared. I’ve had clients describe it as changing a lifetime in a moment but really all we are doing is applying some focused effort on one pattern at a time using a bit of know-how and skill.

If you could heal any pattern at all, what would it be?  Freedom is possible.  What are you waiting for?


Julie Matheson is an intuitive holistic counselor, helping clients gently shift their perception one pattern at a time through her guided writing process and energy clearing work.

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