Healthy Habits

ARE YOU INVESTING IN LIFELONG Vitality?  Do you regularly take your Supplements? What are your Healthy Lifelong Habits?

I recently attended a seminar by Dr Cynthia Rene a Naturopathic Doctor here in Boise, who talked about investing in your Vitality and Longevity just like you invest in your retirement.  Isn’t that what we really want in life, to feel vibrant, as we enjoy a long and healthy life.  The company I partner with dTERRA International is in the last month of a three month spring tour which focused on exactly this with their “Healthy Habits for Life”

Many people are searching for answers to health challenges and wellness. Maybe it’s as simple as you feel you are healthy but want to stay that way for a very long time.  Some times our challenges go very deep into chronic pain and inflammation. Or maybe you have feelings of mild or severe despondency and dejection.  Or maybe like myself as I move into the later years of my life, I want to be more flexible and in control of health and wellness. 

Regardless, wellness is a combination of healthy habits and good lifestyle choices.  Won’t you agree?  But where do you start?  And why is it so important to start now?   With the above situations and for all of us, the number one recommendation for all of these are eating healthy and take daily supplements.  Starting with a good foundation is key. 

I have been with dTERRA for eleven years, almost since the start of the company.  And I think from day one they started talking about their pyramid scheme. The flyer given out at the Healthy Habits for Life Tour reads: “dTERRA’s Wellness Lifestyle Pyramid illustrates how wellness is a combination of lifestyle and health care.  When lifestyle is the focus, health is naturally achieved and maintained.  Your daily habits make all the difference.  As you live these principles and use dTERRA’s products, you experience new levels of wholeness.”  

The pyramid starts with Eat Right as a foundation.  And goes on to say “…whole foods supplements are an ideal way to give your body what it needs to thrive, starting with great nutrition and digestive support.”  But why do we have to supplement, why can’t we just eat healthy foods.  That was always what I said in my early days.  But the truth is that even if you grow your own natural “all” Organic foods, our earth and air does not have the purity it had when my grandfather had his 1/2 acre farm in the heart of downtown Milwaukee Wisconsin.  So, supplementation not only in vitamins and minerals, the omegas and cellular support but also digestive enzyme and probiotics is a key foundation.  

The next rung of the dTERRA’s pyramid is Exercise.  We all know this.  I heard there is even a program that teaches you to go from the couch to a 5K run.  We are so blessed to have watches and Fitbits and other tools to tell us how many steps we’ve taken or if you have completed all your exercise time for the day.  They can tell us to sit, stand and even breathe! We have an extreme amount of gyms in the area from Cross Fits to Women Programs and over 50 Gyms.  The most important thing to do is; “Just do it.”

It’s Summer, where there is beauty on our green belt whether you walk, run or bike your way along the magnificent rivers. Or hikes and bike in the majestic mountains.  With all this exercise we want to make sure our muscles are well taken care of.  I use several oils to work my muscles before and after my exercise, even on those days that I know I will be enjoying the energy of my 2 year old great granddaughter.

Moving up the pyramid is Rest and Manage Stress.  “Essential oils can provide support for getting consistent quality rest, which can improve your mood and give your body the opportunity to repair and renew.” is dTERRA’s description for this rung of the pyramid.  Especially during these Summer months as we seem to be booked from June to September.  Make time to rest so you can manage stress.  Going out in nature is one of the best ways to ground yourself and get yourself rejuvenated.  Diffusing uplifting blends of oils is another way to destress if you can’t make it outside.  

Reducing Toxic Load should be an article in itself.  It is so important to pay attention to what we put in, on and around our bodies.  Start paying attention to labels.  Make sure you use natural ingredients especially this summer with bug sprays and sun protection.  Oh, and I have an oil for that!!

The rung I am most grateful for is Informed Self Care.  I have the privilege to create the habit of using pure therapeutic essential oils that I know and trust, as my first line of defense.  To be able to reach for an oil at the first sign of something off with my body and not having to wait and wait till its “out of control”.  I have a great many resources I use to educate yet every day I learn something new.  I can’t stress enough how important being informed is.

The Final rung on the dTERRA pyramid is Proactive Medical Care.  dTERRA says it best, “Developing a relationship with trusted medical professionals allows you to be proactive instead of reactive…one of the foundational pillars of lifelong health.”

I would encourage each and every one of you to look at what your daily Healthy Habits are. 

Please call, txt or email if you want to do a wellness consultation and review your health goals,  I am here for you.

Peggy Washburn Wellness Advocate doTERRA International