Making a Heartful Impact on Community

By Mark Stinson, with Joshua Pollock

 Much has been written about creating change. But what about the impact of an individual’s heartfulness to create change at a community level? I explored this question with Joshua Pollock, coauthor of The Heartfulness Way, in a recent interview on KRBX-FM Radio Boise.


Mark: Your life journey has gone from Maine to London to Chennai, and now your travels as part of Heartfulness take you around India and the world -- what do you see in common among communities you visit?

Josh: I find the more that we are in touch with what we really are at heart, then the easier it is to relate to other people. Because we find the common denominator between me and somebody else. If we only look to the surface, then we only find differences: differences of cultures, food habits, tastes, ideology, religion. So we have to look deeper. There are essential commonalities between human beings. When we go within ourselves, when we meditate and find that most essential part of ourselves, then we're able to see it in others, too.

Mark: Often we say, "That sounds great for a community, but what can one person do?"

Josh: Every community – whether the size of Boise, or the size of the United States or the size of the whole world – is nothing but the sum total of individuals. So if we're going to see any change at a community level, it will only be because of individual change. Everything begins with the individual.

Mark: What can individuals do to promote community? And how does heartfulness impact them?

Josh: I can try to make myself the best that I can be. For me, Heartfulness consists of tools which help to do that, which change the nature of one’s consciousness, experience and life. To become the highest version of one’s self. If I'm able to do that, if I find so much peace within myself, so much joy within myself, then I’m better able to externalize that. Not just something that I'm privately enjoying, but something which I'm manifesting with my actions, so others also feel this sense of happiness. There is this sense of peacefulness when they're around you. So they also can benefit from it. Let them be inspired by that.


JOSHUA POLLOCK is a Heartfulness trainer and practitioner. He holds a Bachelor of Musical Arts degree from Indiana University and two master’s degrees from Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. He resides in India with his wife and their two children. Details about the book at

MARK STINSON is a group leader of Heartfulness Boise. Heartfulness Meditation is a simple, practical technique, in which you gently turn your attention to your heart and experience an inner presence. Heartfulness practices with a certified trainer are free of charge. More information at