The Power of Honoring Deep Authenticity
by Marti Denton, BA, AD

April opens in our northern hemisphere with an inherent feeling of renewed life, transformation, growth - a reflection of Aries’ bright, fiery signature of fearless expansion and initiation. As the lengthening minutes of daylight and our sun’s radiance inch forward and higher, stretching past that recent 12-hour threshold of the Spring Equinox - followed by the Aries New Moon - we’re surrounded with expanding light and awakened life energy. This subtle infusion may be activating or guiding you to expand in new directions - into new “colors” and dimensions of who you are, new levels of consciousness for yourself and to share with others. We are ripe, in the midst of this changing backdrop, for connecting in new ways with deep parts of ourselves, breaking through portals to unleash more layers of our authentic brilliance and shine!

All of this backdrop invites growth into higher visions and purpose, and requires us to reach deeper, as well as higher, for self-understanding and expanding wisdom. The inner voice of our Soul and unseen forces of our roots also seek support and strengthening through awareness and intentional activating processes, bringing us authentic self-trust, intuition, soul wisdom and foundational self-empowerment. Here we hold powerful energetic influence to break through barriers, maintaining momentum as we seek higher ground. As you read further, I offer three simple practices for enhanced self-awareness into our place and source of guidance.

Within our journeys through these shifting times we are assured of not only invitations, but also promised ongoing requirements for profound personal expansion to bring our full presence, self-awareness, and grounding into the global and collective shifts transforming our world. These powerful energies can be disruptive, taking us straight into fight or flight - overwhelm, overdrive, frenetic thoughts and more.

Here lies the first of three tools to practice for accessing presence and inner awareness. This is undoubtedly one you’ve heard about: (1) Breathe deeply into your abdomen, and into what you’re feeling emotionally in times when staying calm and in your body eludes you. Inhale with your mouth closed, through your nose; exhale gently through your slightly opened mouth or nasally. Pausing with inhalation is an option, without forcibly holding your breath. You want to gently breathe and when possible close your eyes, directing your attention into your body. When there is only a minute to bring focus and calming, a short segment of conscious breathing can do wonders. It brings awareness, quiets your tendency to react, and allows space to notice what reaction or feeling is surfacing, causing you to flee from your grounded presence, resorting to unneeded adrenaline.

While many seek higher spiritual connection as a primary path to expanded joy and growth - as a catalyst to expand higher awareness, there can be an ongoing sense or pattern of never quite bringing that higher connection into the real world, especially when our real world is falling apart around us. Perhaps some can relate to this challenge and tendency to disengage from inner body awareness, disconnected from our lower chakra circuitry. Carving a powerful inner source of grounding to our full circuitry, and lower energy centers opens us to our soul’s voice, our raw roots of authenticity, including feelings - vital to our wholeness.

Feelings provide a powerful catalyst for personal empowerment, illuminate our lives, allow connecting to others with vibrant vulnerability and wisdom through wholeness. Amazing insights found deep within us will be awakened and infused into our empowerment. Using mindset, analytic strategy and accessing a higher voice or vibration, avoiding deeper processes, often bypass our stumbling blocks - sources to our intuition, wisdom and insights.

So - the perfect place to offer the second guiding practice offering strength and access to guidance within you: (2) Simple Deep Grounding - Allow, encourage and remind yourself to ground often and fully into your lower body, from your solar plexus, pausing, moving downward to the base of your spine and into your hips. Focused grounding, in a personal setting, begins with closing your eyes, to omit distractions. Once the settling of focused awareness is felt deeply into each area, pause and experience this connection down your legs, connecting your feet to the earth. Always pause to consciously feel what you’re experiencing through your emotions as you drop through each area. Allow five to ten minutes consciously experiencing this grounding connection. It brings your presence and awareness out of your head, welcoming and awakening the fullness of your feelings and energy into your body and its connection to earth. This second process organically opens to the third tool honoring your inner self and - resting, perhaps hiding, within your deeper body centers - your feelings: (3) Experience and Fully Feel both your subtle and stronger emotions landing in your body. Allow the energy of feelings arising to move! …. Tap gently on your heart, cry if tears arise, walk and speak your feelings as you walk, or write out the feelings in an unstructured manner - use exclamation points, underline, scribble. Access your feelings spontaneously when you feel something being triggered and ask: What am I really feeling? When feelings are sourced and honored we are gifted with greater access to our authenticity for growth.

Unearthing and Restoring a Self-Empowered
Foundation for Unleashing Your Brilliance
Marti Denton, Certified Tapping Into Wealth/Chakra Mastery Coach ~ 208-819-8094