Hope and Peace.....You are the Vessel
by David Akins of Reflexions | 208-465-3610

I was speaking to one of my clients recently regarding his worries and stress concerning the negativity and hate that he is witnessing in our country and all over the world. It has been overwhelming his mind, heart, and spirit. He stated that ‘I feel helpless, there is nothing that I can do to change any of it.’ 

I know many people think and feel this way. And on a human level, to some degree it makes sense. But is that truth? Are we really that useless, without any power of effectiveness? Some believe that if you are a good and kind loving person that you have no choice but to stand back and simply watch darkness overtake our lives. Good and loving spiritual people do not fight back.  We do not ‘rock the boat’. 

But some of us know another truth, another reality.  We fully understand, that all that exist…all that has been created, has energy. It has a ‘spirit’ within. We too consist of spirit and soul. And each of us have the power to impact and interact within all that contain this energy of spirit. Through our freewill intent filled thoughts and through the practices of prayer and meditation we can alter or impact all energies of spirit. 

When we become aware of the negativity of darkness at work, we as loving spiritual beings go to work to ‘push back’ against this energy. We take the time, seriously take time, to focus on the energies of love, light, healing, and peace. We allow these thoughts and energies, the physical aspects of their existence, to build within our hearts and minds and then visually send them out to impact the people of our country and our world. We do not simply try it once or twice, i.e. prayer and meditation. No, we are relentless with our efforts. We are relentless with our love and hope. 

Some of us know and understand that love does not give up easily. Nor does it run away when it faces darkness.  Within the Light of God, Love and Hope become the strongest of all forces that exist. The gifts of Love and Hope know no boundaries and are not limited within one political or social group verses another.  Nor are the power of these spiritual gifts bound to one religious or spiritual practice over another.  

Knowing this we should use the gifts we have been given to help usher in the peace we so desperately need. Do not underestimate who you are and the fact that you are needed. Within freewill we are all either ‘part of the problem’ or we are ‘part of the solution.’ 

If you have not already committed yourself to the loving work of spirit, this is the time to do so. You are on earth for a reason. Often the reason is undervalued. My hope is that each of you that have taken the time to read this understand that you are loved. And because you are loved you too can give love.  You can only give to life, to this world, what you possess.

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