How Energy Healing Can Raise Your Vibration

 Let’s face it, we all want to vibrate at a higher level.  No one intentionally wants to be a drag or a wet blanket all the time.  Yet sometimes we fall into a low vibration category without being aware of it.  Here is a quick check list to see if perhaps we are spending too much time in the following negative energetic states.  Ask yourself:  How much do I experience these states daily? 

Almost never,      Occasionally,      Fairly Often,      Very Often or Daily

Resistance, Anxiety, Shame, Anger, Self-Doubt, Jealousy, Fear, Critical of Self or Others

If you discover that you are experiencing a few of these states on a regular basis, then you are allowing your energy vibration to drop into an unhealthy category.

If you need to raise your vibrational energy level you can ask yourself the following question:

How much do I experience these states daily?

Almost never,      Occasionally,      Fairly Often,      Very Often or Daily

Gratitude, Optimism, Empathy, Love, Joy, Fun, Laughter, Peace, Fulfillment, Purpose, Flow, Abundance

If you discover that you often experience many of these positive energetic states, then you are vibrating at a high energy level and probably attracting positive events and positive people into your life.

Keep in mind that all of us experience negative and positive circumstances everyday in our lives. Whichever of these energies receive most of our attention or our focus, is the energy vibration that we tend to carry with us, and in turn, attract that same energy towards us.  Once we become aware of this, we can begin to make the necessary changes to increase our energy vibration and live a more fulfilled life.  This is where Pranic Energy Healing can help.  Pranic Energy or “Life Energy” is a way to expel the negative or dirty energy that is stuck within our energy field, and replace it with “life giving energy” or positive high vibrational energy.  Keeping your energy field clean including your aura, chakras, and major energy centers in the body, will improve your overall state of being.  And, you will not only live a more fulfilling life, but you will also become a blessing to the world. 

Yours in Love and Light,

Pastor Christine Haggerty

To learn more about raising your vibration, I recommend the book: VIBE by Robyn Openshaw

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