How Putting Yourself First Can Change Your Life
by Sydney Sage ~ 208-608-2498 ~
Life can be wild... 

Raising good kids, having a career or running a business, being a good partner, keeping up on self-care, eating right, exercising regularly, keeping the home clean, getting into nature, traveling to keep the adventure alive, maintaining your spiritual connection, caring for the pets, and having ample time for friends! 

Modern life these days can be a lot. Which is why…

Putting yourself first is so important. It’s very easy - and very common - to put everything and everyone first in our lives. We are basically taught to! And we think that if we do this then everyone else will be happier and everything else will work. But there is a huge disadvantage for us when we put ourselves last. 

The ironic thing is, when we put everyone else first we actually do them a disservice. Because we aren’t able to be the best versions of ourselves. Putting ourselves last might leave us feeling overwhelmed, unhealthy, tired, stressed out, like we don’t have any alone time, and perhaps leave us feeling not as happy as we could be. But…

When we do make the leap and put ourselves first we end up not only positively affecting ourselves but also everyone and everything else in our lives too. When we put ourselves first, whatever that means for you, we are happier, more healthy, more productive, more present, our lives are more balanced, and we feel more inner peace. This can allow us to show up as better versions of ourselves for everyone in our lives. 

You might find yourself being more patient with your kids, more kind with your partner, more optimistic about life, more energized by prioritizing your health, more productive with work & the to-do list, and many other wonderful things! It might feel selfish, it might feel impossible, but with help, it can certainly be done.

If you’d like to start putting yourself first but aren’t sure where to start or perhaps what you even want, life coaching can be a wonderful partnership to help you. 

Putting yourself first is a very common thing that coaching clients I work with choose to focus on, and it can feel so good! 

If you’d like to reduce overwhelm and get unstuck so you can be a better version of yourself and live a more balanced life, I’m a Personal Growth & Work/Life Balance coach and I’d love to support you. Start with a free mini sample coaching session by texting “sample session” to 2086082498.