Hypnosis for Children
by Dan Pickel, Certified Hypnotist

Growing up in the Middle School and High School education system, can be very traumatic for young people. The stress and anxiety some students encounter can manifest in many ways (mental, emotional and even physical in the form of pain and discomfort). Often times, families are led to medication to help curb the negative effects of schooling, without any effort being given to mental health care. We’ve all seen violence in schools seemingly increase over the years, while no more attention seems to be paid to help our young people cope with the many stresses they face on a daily basis.

Medication, while sometimes helpful, can have a downside. The medications prescribed to children and young adults often come with side effects, can be difficult to obtain and can get expensive over time. And who wants to take a medication that leaves them feeling like a watered-down version of them self?

Talk therapy, while effective, can also have a downside because it can last for years, can get expensive and can delay timely results.

Hypnosis, conversely, can assist a young person to change his/her associations to stress and anxiety in as little as one session. This is because children and teens tend to have more active imaginations than adults, allowing them to enter hypnosis faster, while being more receptive to imagery and suggestion. This heightened suggestibility translates into quicker, prolonged relief.

Hypnosis works wonders in teaching: better coping mechanisms, calming techniques, mindfulness. Skills which can serve a person for the rest of his/her life. Unfortunately, these aren’t skills taught in schools. But imagine how beneficial it would be if these skills were given more of a platform in adolescent development?

Hypnosis works to build confidence, lower anxiety, improve sports and test performance, lower angry reactions, and much, much, more. With school underway, now is a great time to help your child get more out of life!

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