Thyroid Problems, Hormone Problems or Just a Toxic Liver.
If Your Liver Could Talk.
by David DeHaas


The Liver is a fascinating organ, comprised of 50,000 bile ducts tasked with filtering the blood and doing some 2000+ tasks each and every day.

If you have been diagnosed with a hormone issue or a thyroid issue you need to look further inward and ask the question why?

Why are my hormones off?

Why is my thyroid not functioning properly?

What you will find is a toxic liver.  If you were to take a walk thru the liver you would probably find heavy metals, pathogens, neurotoxins and parasites.  The average body today has over 80,000 chemicals in it.  Your poor liver is carrying a heavy burden. 

But this isn’t the only reason the liver is overload. 

A toxic liver is the result of toxic blood which has been caused by toxic lymphatic system caused usually by toxic bowels. 

When discussing these symptoms with clients our first question is how do you poop?  How often, how much and what does it look like? Is it hard like rabbit pebbles? Is it a blob looking like a cow pie?  Does it smell? What color is it?

What we usually find is there is always a bowel problem. If you aren’t excreting the remains of last night’s meal, or worse the last several days meals, you will have a toxic lymphatic system creating a toxic blood system.

Although many practitioners today have fallen in love with Coffee enemas, the reality is that a coffee enema is not helping until you properly cleanse the bowels.  Dumping toxic bile out of the liver into the alimentary canal may cause a toxic reaction because there is not a quick exit through a crowded bowel.  Think of trying to empty a stadium of 100,000 people thru one 3’ door, that already has a line of people backed up.  Your dump of toxins out of the liver is going to get jammed up in the exit and be forced to recycle thru the body and could possibly make you worse. 

You blame the thyroid or hormones and eventually the liver but it was your bowels you forgot to take care of. 

It is not just hormone and thyroid symptoms that give us fits, you could also be experiencing brain fog or depression or anxiety. These are all symptoms of a greater underlying problem.

Start with proper bowel cleansing and your liver and thus your hormones and thyroid will thank you later.

David DeHaas is a colon hydrotherapist and naturopathic health coach at
Living Waters Wellness Center, in Boise. For more information,
call 208-378-9911 or visit