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Immune Preparedness in a World of Viral Exposure

Our world is in a state of panic and economic upheaval due to the novel coronavirus.

A quote I’ve lived by this week is: “Deal with the big while it is still small.”

Here, Covid-19 represents the “BIG” while our symptoms are the “SMALL.”

Symptoms are clues into how prepared our immune system is to deal with the BIG. These symptoms develop from a variety of environmental and genetic factors.

The American Academy of Anti-Aging states that illness is comprised of 20% genetic factors and 80% environmental factors. Lifestyle habits, stress, diet, detoxification and supplementation regimens make up our environment. Symptoms are a reflection of that environment.

If you improve your environment, you improve your immune preparedness.

For example, constipation is a symptom that reflects our lifestyle habits, which are part of our environment. Constipation causes toxin accumulation in the body, burdening its metabolic performance and immune response. Symptoms correlated with constipation include fatigue, brain fog, and other chronic issues.

Take control and become your own activist in sustaining your health with Integrative Medicine of Idaho. We help you restore your joy of living with our exclusive, personalized three step process.

First: Know your lab numbers. Know your infections. Know your hormones. Simple blood, urine and/or saliva tests provide vital information about you and your body.

Second: Correct the culprits. Excesses and deficiencies in the body impair your metabolism and immune function.

Third: Monitor your improvement to keep you feeling better and staying healthy.

Dealing with abnormal symptoms while they are “SMALL” can prevent the “BIG.” Exposure to Covid-19 may be inevitable. Strong immune preparedness improves our chances of less suffering.

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