Imprinting on the Emotional Body Even Before Birth
by Badeish Lange
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I speak from the many years as an experienced Therapist of Clinical Hypnosis, and being a generational Psychic/Medium.  Strange as it may sound, I want to share important information on Imprinting that could open up incredible doors to the “Emotional Healing” process.  

Facilitating healing sessions with clients through the years, I discovered aspects of Imprinting.  In psychology, Imprinting is defined as “a remarkable phenomenon”, in which, a child still in the womb and a new born child can be imprinted.  Certain types of behavior happening that are auditory or traumatic experiences coming through the mothers’ emotions can be registered by the unborn child and a new born.

There are many difficulties that human beings endure and the process of imprinting is highly complicated.  One of the issues around imprinting concerns the time a child is in the mother’s womb.  As an example:  If the mother is being abused, taking drugs, not wanting to be pregnant, or feeling unloved, the child feels all the energies coming off these challenging conditions!

Like a sponge soaks up water, the fetus soaks up the mother’s energy and feels as the mother does.  I don’t believe our Karma is developed in the pre-birth months in the womb, rather a pre-spiritual arrangement before we are born.  The child however, brings its own filters and some of its own perceptions to bring into the world.

Breach Birth:  Not wanting to be born, fear of the outside world, and feeling not wanted.  What emotions would cause this condition!  What did the child in the womb feel energetically about the outside world?

I remember a client sharing something her mother told her about being pregnant and the father would not walk down the street with the pregnant-mother’s showing.  He had come back from war and didn’t want a child. 

My clients issues were negative experiences with male relationships, low self-esteem and abandonment issues.  When under hypnosis, she remembered stories of her mother’s abandonment while being pregnant and the energetics shared with the unborn child.

Here is something to remember.  Communications are transmitted beyond the prevalent paradigm of linear thinking and verbalization.  Information is infused through the cellular system and recorded with projections of an understanding and felt on an experiential basis.

A “knowledge bank” exists within the cellular structure of the human body.  In the case of psychological imprinting there is a strong possibly that during the child’s womb experience and new born time frame the “Inner-child” develops within the emotional body!

You might ask, “What is an Inner-child?” All the imprinting, DNA-knowledge bank and the active field of the aura connect to an important part of our Spirit called, an inner-child.  She or he is young and makes decisions based on our emotional body and master-minds storage of memory and what we have given meaning to relates electrically and bio-chemically.  This storage system has been known around the world through many cultures and indigenous people.  

Some people call it the little voice inside while others refer to it as their higher-self.

I personally came across the inner-child during the regression of clients. Not only are they keepers of a Soul’s Library, the inner-child holds an important function relating to our health and emotional well-being, but it is very possibly that in our society this may be misunderstood.

Everything has a fine line and before we throw the baby out with the bath water, we who are seeking higher consciousness may want to get acquainted and discover our own inner-child!

Debbie Dalrymple, the publisher of HedraNews wrote a wonderful article released this June on connecting to The Child Within.  

Hope this is helpful and thank you for listening.
Badeish Lange