Reversing Inflammation
Your Tissues Become the Issues When You Are Pooping in Your Pelvis
by David DeHaas

Every dis-ease is essentially an inflammation issue.  Toxins Create Inflammation.

Getting rid of toxins is job one. 

Your problem is you have been pooping in your pelvis. 

Picture a screen and on top of that screen is poop. Its been sitting rotting for several years and it squishes through that screen into the tissues of your body.  Your colon is the screen.  In the tissues of your colon and intestinal tract is millions of capillaries of your blood system. It gets deluged with that old poop and now it’s in your blood.   Your blood is now toxic; however it will try and jettison this toxic matter, via dripping fluid into the tissues of your body where the lymphatic system will pick up the garbage.  Your lymphatic system has 800 lymph nodes and can hold about 45 pints of fluid.  The lymphatic system has no pump. God created us to walk, run and jump creating a virtual pump to move that toxic fluid up to the vein just above the heart. Once that fluid reaches that destination it will be routed to the liver.

The liver has 50,000 bile ducts which might be enough storage for toxins if you didn’t have to deal with 80,000 chemicals that float around this planet today.   Once the liver runs out of room it has to put this garbage someplace else.  It could kick it out in the bile and it would pass through 30’ + of intestinal tract in a perfect system.  Your system is not perfect because you have constipation and a twisted distorted intestinal tract.  This slows down the ability for the body to jettison these toxins into the toilet.  Because of this the toxins will eventually recirculate back though the blood system and the lymphatic system.  With a constipated bowel system you are just recirculating rotting garbage every day. 

The best solution to stop this merry go round effect is to use Colon hydrotherapy to open the detoxification pathway to clean out the colon.  While you are cleaning up the colon it is smart to move the lymphatic system sludge and cleanse the liver at the same time.  Cleansing the liver is how you clean up the blood and jettison those toxins dumped into it by the lymphatic system.

Now that you have cleared out the colon with Colon Hydrotherapy, the liver and lymphatic system can drop that toxic load out of the body via the intestinal tract.

Along with Colon Hydrotherapy we like to use a vibration machine to vibrate and “pump” the lymph up to the liver.  See

You will feel lighter and refreshed. Joints will not ache; skin issues may disappear and cysts polyps and tumors and hemorrhoids may have a chance to shrink.  

With the toxins gone, inflammation will become a thing of the past, you will be able to think clearer and live your best life. 

To do deep house cleaning of the gut, it takes 10 colonic sessions. See more on how to remove toxins at   

David DeHaas is a Colon Hydrotherapist and Naturopathic Health Coach.
He and his team have been providing Colon Hydrotherapy and 10-Day Healing Retreats since 2009. 
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