Know Yourself ~ Change the World
by Carla Kyle
Everything starts with the self.  When you have self knowledge you know what is good for you.  Then, you know what is good for your family and friends. You know what is good for your community and this translates to what is good for the whole world.  There is a lot of emphasis these days on caring for the world, caring for others, caring about politics, caring about the health system.  Yet, little information on the importance of knowing yourself first!  There is a yearning to know others, yet we hardly know our own self, we barely know our own mind.  When you start with the One, then concepts arise on where you can go.

The Tao, the One, is Universal Intelligence. The one thing before there was anything. Then, Bang!  The Tao split into two things: Yin & Yang. Yin and Yang translate into form and movement, dark and light, structure, substance and the active functioning of all things.  You can think of Yin as the things you see, it is quiet, the moon, darkness, female energy.  Yin energy comes up from the earth, it is moist and cooling, it is water.  Yang actively regulates all functions in the body, breathing, heartbeat and blood circulation.  Yang energy comes from the sky, it is warm and vibrant, it is fire, the sun, it is male energy.  Yin and Yan mutually assist each other and reside in each other, hence the symbol of Yin & Yang. Form as yin, needs activity to be animated, that is yang; they are interdependent. It is this balance that defines and creates good health and emotions.  The alternating force of yin and yang energies produces all physical things in our reality.  Change is a constant regulating force, it is Yin, and it is Yang.

From Yin and Yang came the three, the Three Treasures.  Jing, Qi, Shen are the Three Treasures, your own being.  You are comprised of Jing, the very essence from your parents and the universe that you were born in.  You are brought and held together by the force of Qi, the vital energy that comes from pre-natal source: your parents, and then continues with your post-natal source which is simply the air you breathe and the food you eat.  And finally there is Shen. Shen is the quality of light that shines from your eyes, your spirit nature.

Qigong is the process for how you can make a connection with your Three Treasures and the Tao. It teaches you how to actively influence the vitality, preservation and balance of each one. Qi is what gives life to all things, it can be translated as “life force energy”.  The physical world in which we live can be thought of as “Qi vibrations”.  Qi is transformed through movements, breathing & philosophy- the work, or practice of Qi is called “Qigong”.  You gain knowledge of yourself, and then you can know others.  Qigong as a practice teaches you how to wake up!  To become consciously aware of what your body is saying to you.  You create the ability to scan your own state of energy, as well as your mental state.

How to care for your Three Treasures: JING: Learn to conserve your Jing through lifestyle habits and Qigong longevity practice.  QI:  Develop an understanding of what it means to eat and breathe well. SHEN: Learn to connect with the unconscious and then know your purpose in life.  What is my connection to spirit and the greater universe?   Do I ever think about these things?  Why do they have value? Know yourself. Gain a shining spirit.

Philosophy for How to Live Your Life. When you cultivate your “life force energy” you wake up your inner consciousness and ultimately connect with the outside: Universal Consciousness. Then you will know what is in your best interest. This is your connection with the Tao that continues to vibrate a universal intelligence to all living things.  It is eternal and the mother of all things; it is the origin of Heaven and Earth, Yang and Yin.  To follow the “Tao” means to follow the path, or the way.  It provides a philosophy to help you live in the natural world and get back to your authentic self.  It is wisdom that you can bring inside yourself for transformation. You gain self-confidence, mental health, shining well being and a healthy spirit.  Then, you will know what is good for others, the earth and the well being of all, this is how you change the world.

One Thousand Hands Buddha Qigong Workshop
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Carla Kyle is a Master Healing Qigong teacher from the Ling Gui Family Lineage.  She has been offering Qigong classes in the Treasure Valley for over ten years and uses the seasons as a guide for instructing in a particular Qigong form.  Carla can be reached at or go to