Living an Empowered Life
by the “Wisdom Guided Oracle” Victoria Savage, RN

Empowered! It’s such a buzz word! You hear it everywhere. So, what does that even mean? To live an empowered Life? Living from empowerment? Being empowered?

Well, here’s my two cents worth:

My definition of empowered living is acknowledging our power to direct the basic framework with the guidance of our power team…The Universe, (God, Source Energy, The Creator, Big Daddy,) your angels, and guides. This means you get to participate in moving forward rather than just holding on and hoping for the best.

It means saying yes to your possibilities. It means listening to you and allowing you to steer the ship with divine input and inspiration. What it comes down to is this:

It means trusting yourself and the guidance you get.

Living from empowerment means understanding that your thoughts create your life. It’s owning that what you concentratedly think about on a regular basis is showing up as the life you’re experiencing at every moment. It means that taking ownership of your thoughts and words is key.

The main problem with this is that most of us do not pay attention to the background tape that plays constantly in our minds and because of this we fail to take charge of what we’re putting into or feeding our minds. What we feed our mind becomes the director of that background tape.

Here’s one example:

Let’s say you regularly watch cop shows, criminal shows, court shows, etc. These shows are constantly filled with conflict, strife, jealously, hatred, evil and meanness. This is the “input” part. This input creates within you a greater and greater distrust for people, and the expectancy that bad things are going to happen. This produces a life much harder than necessary and contributes greatly to anxiety as well.

This creates a blanket of negative, fear-based energy around you which then attracts exactly that same kind of energy and creates a lot more resistance than necessary.

Conversely, when you live from a place of empowerment you actively choose the content that you put in your mind from the framework of choosing positive growth, power, peace, joy and upliftment.

It really is as simple as; what you put in is what you’ll get out.

Wherever you are in the process, because of years of thought and “input” habits, there is very likely energy that needs to be cleared in order for you to be most effective in moving forward.

Everything starts at the energetic/soul level, so if you’ve spent any time at all feeding your mind less than positive things, now would be a great time to clear yourself and get moving forward with less baggage to slow you down. If you’re at a place where you’re ready for a change, maybe it’s time to…

Start being a positive catalyst for YOU. I can help.

Schedule an anxiety/energy management package with me today and stop recycling the same garbage over and over, while expecting different results.


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