Love is the Answer!

by Greg Bishop, Boise Integrative Healing Arts ~ 208-991-8024

We have an epidemic in our world.
An epidemic of fear.
And it’s intentional.
People who are fearful are easier to sell to and manipulate.
Conversely, a relaxed content public is less likely to buy things they don’t really need or to be easily manipulated. Just watch the teasers for the news. “Something alarming is happening. More at eleven.” Or social media. “Did you hear what he said today. Have you heard what they are up to now?”
Add economic pressure and you have a recipe for shallow thought and poor health.
Fear is an effective motivator when your life is truly in danger. It can bypass doubt and hesitation and inspire great feats of strength and survival. In a moment of real danger fear is the proper natural reaction. But over the long haul it has consequences.
Fear turns off logic and intuition. Deep understanding of complex issues is impossible. Suggestions of simplied solutions are more easily swallowed. 
Long term fear has physical and emotional ramifications.
My tribe are sensitive, intuitive and empathic. With the volume perpetually turned up to eleven, either in our own lives or in our awareness of the general public, many are overloaded. Burning out. Some are quite good at shielding their spirits from the constant barrage. Others are suffering.
So how do we survive in a society that is addicted to fear?
The true energy of creation, creativity and life is the energy of love. According to almost all spiritual practices love is the opposite of fear and the preferred state of being. And though this love energy includes romance, it is far more than that. It is the essence of life itself down to the smallest element. All that is. All that lives and breathes. All that we experience is love energy expressed in matter, energy and spirit. It is possible that someday the energy vibration of love will be accepted by the scientific community at large as the basis of all life. But we can tune in and experience it without a pill or machine that goes ding.
It takes some discipline.
Trusting your heart, connecting with nature and expressing yourself creatively are bridges to this love energy. Finding ways to truly be in the moment in gratitude and connecting with others who are of like mind can be helpful. Focus on what brings you joy and share it!
There are lot of disciplines and therapies that can help us.
I offer Structural and Movement Integration, Cranio-Sacral therapy and Sound Healing. All of these disciplines help remove the barriers to truly feeling and experiencing the energy of creative love energy and expressing the gratitude that naturally comes with that experience.