Making Yourself #1, the key to EVERYTHING!!

by Geri Habstritt
We live in a society where putting yourself first means being selfish.  I’ve come across many healers, caretakers, therapists, teachers and those who work in occupations where the primary goal is to help others yet they have forgotten to care for themselves.  As a result, many of these well intended people take on energies of others and get completely worn down.  It is taught, “You can’t give from an empty cup.”  The world does not learn nor change from what we say or teach.  Our children do not learn from what we say or teach. They learn by the energy we carry.  We have to embody that which we wish for ourselves, our children and our world.  Our energy needs to emanate the harmony, peace, joy, balance and empowerment we wish to see in the outer world to effect any change.

This all begins with putting yourself first, making yourself #1.  If you dare to place all of your attention on you, heal yourself, make your joy the utmost importance, others around you will follow suit through the energy you carry.  This is how you become true healers, helpers and consciousness shifters.  If everyone were to do this, there would indeed be no one to save as everyone would be loving and caring for themselves.

If you are wondering where to begin, start here:

1) Connect with your inner child.  Take yourself back to that little child and ask what she/he is longing to do again.  What got left behind in the rigors of life?  Discover what that is and do it, if even for 15 minutes a day.

2) Learn to say “No”.  Cut out every obligation that doesn’t feel like JOY!  Adding the energy of frustration or guilt to the world doesn’t serve you or the world.

3) Get clear on your boundaries and learn to express them.  Take time to define what and who is nourishing to you and what/who isn’t, what are you giving your energy to and what is taking from you.  When clear, you can reclaim your energy back.  You may need to verbalize these new boundaries.  Once you do, your soul will know you are serious about your new direction and you won’t be tested as often.

4)  Be impeccable about balance. There should always be a balanced energy of giving and receiving in every interaction.

In the saying “LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS THYSELF” it’s the self that is to be loved first if we are to love our neighbors properly.

Geri Habstritt is an Avesa Quantum Healer, Medical Intuitive
& Self Ascension Intuitive Counselor.  She can
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