by F. Jane Colton, LCSW, ACADC - 208-830-3157
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Movement Therapy encourages expression of self and emotional states. People who grow up in traumatic dysfunction, are frequently told to “shut up and sit down”. They are taught to push emotion down and never bring attention to themselves. They lose their voice and their power. This can cause anxiety, depression and other health problems as the child matures into an adult. This can affect every area of life, relationship, career, social, and more. There is a solution.

With movement therapy, you can learn to create an enjoyable, functional life with authentic relationships, recognize your gifts, talents, and abilities, have the income stream that you want, and be in contribution to humanity. I am so honored to be able to offer an effective form of mental health therapy that requires fewer words, a way to leave the old, restrictive story of one’s life and create a new story with a bright trajectory.

movement therapy:
a movement-based therapeutic technique that aids in release of subconscious emotional blocks, promotes emotional
awareness, and creating an energetic shift to support you in living the life you desire.

You came into this world in your body and you will leave this world because of it. From beginning to end, your body is the vehicle for your life experience. Yet, despite the central role our bodies play in our lives, most of us lose touch with our bodies as we grow up. We lose body consciousness.

Finding energy blocks in your body, identifying where they started, and moving them out of your body is one of the ways you can become fully alive and present to each moment. Movement therapy helps break up the body blocks that keep you from fully enjoying life.

All humans are natural actors. We wear many masks. Early childhood trauma contributes to many people playing tragic characters, characters who suppress emotions of anger, fear, and sadness. Depression, which compounds these emotions with a sense of hopelessness, is the number one illness in this country. In my intensive one-day workshops, you can heal old, subconscious wounds that could take years of talk therapy to heal. It brings about positive changes in emotions, cognition, physical functioning and behavior. It is used with normal functioning people as well as those with emotional, behavioral, perceptual and physical challenges. You will walk out much lighter than you walked in.

Therapeutic use of movement helps you achieve a balance between emotional, cognitive, social and physical facets of your life.  This technique uses body movement to enhance emotional, physical, and mental integration in individuals. Come take a personal journey through this physical process work and experience how it moves you forward in life.