My Wall of Love

About thirty years ago I was happily married to a man who was tall, dark, handsome, and fun to be with.  We had a great deal in common and got along very well.  We loved playing tennis, restoring houses, and going to the movies.  I remember our honeymoon in Kauai, the lavish dinners, hikes to the fern grotto, swimming in the ocean, and of course, playing tennis.  Once back from our honeymoon we both returned to our respected jobs in Southern Calif.  I was teaching high school, and he was starting a pool cleaning business with a friend.  I was also highly involved in coaching high school sports and working the Friday night football games with the other coaches.  Life was busy but lots of fun, until the un-imaginable happened.

One day I came home early to find my husband cheating on me with another woman.  It felt like someone kicked me in the stomach and I couldn’t breathe.  I felt dizzy and nauseated.  I remember turning around and walking out of the house.  I don’t remember where I went, but I do remember crying and feeling betrayed. 

During this time of heartbreak, I moved into another place and continued going to work every day.  But at night, I would sit alone and cry wondering what I did wrong.  Then something made me call my family and I asked them to write letters to me telling me all the good things about myself. (This all happened before e-mail or text messaging). Within days, I had received many letters from my family, friends, uncles, aunts, grandparents, etc., all writing how much they loved me and all the great qualities I had.  As I opened each letter and read it…I noticed that my self-esteem began to return and my heart slowly began to heal. 

I taped each letter to my wall in the bedroom and read the letters daily.  I called it: My Wall of Love. Of all the letters I received, it was the one written by my baby sister, who is 12 years younger than me, that had the greatest impact. She told me of a story of her water-skiing adventure with friends.  She was very athletic and thought that water-skiing would be as easy as snow skiing or snowboarding.  On her first attempt, she was able to get up on those skis and ride like a pro behind the boat.  She was having a great time until she fell.  When she fell, she continued to hang onto the rope and took quite a beating with the water hitting her.  She finally heard someone yelling from the boat…LET GO OF THE ROPE!  Once she let go, everything became calm, the trauma and turbulence was over.  She was even able to recover her bathing suit top that she had lost while hanging on to that darn rope!

In the letter recalling her water-skiing adventure, my little sister simply stated: You will suffer as long as you continue to hold on to the rope.  You will begin to heal as soon as you let go of the rope.  The rope is in your hands and it’s your decision. I decided that moment to let go of the rope and to begin living my life again.  I must say that I have a wonderful life. In fact, I can say in all honesty, that divorcing my husband was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

As a Pastor, spiritual counselor, and energy worker, I have helped a lot of people to “let go of the rope” and get their life back on track.  I have helped people learn how to forgive, how to move on, and how to let go. Energy healing removes past trauma allowing you to begin again in a whole new light, a light that is filled with peace, love, joy, and laughter.  I am here to help whenever you are ready.

May you be blessed with a wall of love.

Rev. Christine Haggerty  


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