Navigating with Fuel, Fun & Focus
by Geri Habstritt, Medical Intuitive Quantum Healer  


Fear no more, the 3 F’s are here.  Whenever a predominant energy exists (fear), the opposite energy is also available; unfortunately, this energetic availability isn’t broadcasted via the media.  This is the nature of living in a world of polarity.

How do you break free from fear?  First you must realize it’s an illusion created by the ego.  Yes, it feels very real while you are in it and you will create all kinds of events and circumstances that will support it.  However, when these events appear, you have the opportunity to remember the powerful creator you are and release instantly that which no longer serves. 

Many are addicted to the illusion of what’s happening through the media.  The physical body gets addicted to the adrenaline rush created by the fear.  They watch the news and are constantly feeding this adrenaline addiction.  If this is your case, make friends with fear. 

There may come a time when you say “I’ve had enough. I CHOOSE JOY.”  Can it be so easy to just choose joy?  It CAN if you are able to override the ego that says it needs to be difficult

Here are steps that will assist you to move through a world that wants to captivate your attention by the negative.  Follow the 3 F’s; Fuel, Fun and Focus: 

1-    How are you Fueling your energy field?  This means how are you nourishing yourself and who are the people you are surrounding yourself with? Are the activities that stimulate you tiring or inspiring? Meditation is a great energy booster as is walking in nature or listening to soothing music. 

2-    What are you doing for Fun?  Fun and Joy are frequency and immune boosters.  Reflect on the times synchronicities magically appeared and everything effortlessly fell into place.  This always happens in the frequency of Joy.  In this state, your energy field becomes untouchable and nothing negative can penetrate it.  I like to call it the “JOY” suit of armor.  With this suit of armor on, you will be the one who magically manifests toilet paper when no one else can! 

3-    The final F is Focus.  You energize and call into your experience what you focus on.  Your focus is your prayer.

Witnessing and shifting your behavior may take due diligence, especially if your patterns are deeply ingrained.  Remember to be gentle with yourself and with others. We are all traversing a new world and the secret to navigating is self-love, compassion and remembering the 3 F’s!

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