Oops! Your Aura is Showing
(And your business (and relationships) is suffering because of it.)
by Victoria Savage - “Wisdom Guided Oracle”

 Did you know that your business has an aura too? Well it does, and it appears way before you walk into that networking or sales meeting.

Intellectually, you may have your “elevator speech” prepared and memorized perfectly, you’ve dressed for success, and your business cards and brochures are in hand and ready to be handed out to all interested parties. But as it turns out, no one seemed to hear you. It’s like you don’t exist. Hardly anyone even came up and talked to you after. Why??? Your product or service is valuable, affordable and really amazing and people would really benefit from it so why aren’t people responding to you?

Here’s why. While your outward appearance and physical aspects of your business are ready and in place, your energetic appearance tells and projects a totally different story.

Inside, you’re desperate for business, desperate for money and full of inner doubt and fear that you’re going to fail. Your core belief system about you and your ability to be successful on your own in business (or in a relationship with someone if that’s what you’re looking for) is very negative. Your inner belief about yourself is telling you, you’re not smart enough, experienced enough, pretty enough, thin enough, special enough, educated enough, etc.

This is the energy that is filling your auric field and broadcasting from you long before you ever walk into the meeting or into a social gathering you may be attending.

As someone who automatically reads the energy of people it’s really heart wrenching to encounter someone like you because all I can feel from you, is everything you’re not saying.

The problem is, that everyone else is feeling it too even though they may not be aware of it. They just are not attracted to what you’re offering even though they don’t know why.

So, what can be done?

Take charge of your personal energy. Start at the basics by raising your vibration. How does one do that? Meditation or something like that would definitely help but a quicker fix would be to find a tool that you can use daily to change how you feel about yourself and your basic belief system regarding you.

Here is a Silly, Stupid Simple (but incredibly POWERFUL) tool.

Start every day by saying this for 2 minutes: “I bless the wall (pictures, floor, ceiling, TV, coffee table, my family, the clouds, the sink, the stove, etc.) with Pure Love and Joy. Everything is energy so it doesn’t need to be people or living things you bless. Picture in your mind as you do this, white mist (love) surround each object as you do it.

This is truly a VERY powerful tool and if you pay attention to how you’re feeling before you start, you’ll notice a marked difference after.

There’s not enough space here to explain how it works but love really is a super power and you can use it at any time.

If you’re wondering what you’re projecting before you walk in and you want to take charge from the basic level where everything starts, schedule an Energy Projection Session with me. I can do this by phone or in person so don’t waste any more time hoping things go well. Take charge!

Call me at 208-473-8254 and let’s get you moving on towards where you want to be headed.