Real Weight Loss?

 7 Organs you must Detox First Before Weight Loss Can Become Permanent.  

by Wendy DeHaas


It is the annual holiday trifecta of over indulging in foods and drink that does not serve our body well. Let’s talk about what you’re going to do come January 2nd. Will you buy a new gym membership or set better goals, or try that new Keto diet or go paleo or vegan or… Ahhh so many confusing choices. Deep down you intuitively know that setting higher goals and giving yourself a good talking to everyday isn’t going to change the outcome until you address the underlying causes of those extra pounds.

Your body has an amazing way of storing toxicity. But after many years of indulging and breathing our polluted air and eating and swallowing thousands of toxic chemicals and pesticides and fungicides your body is out of places to store these toxins safely in the liver.

In a normal environment your liver could handle the toxins quite gracefully. But overtime this amazing Organ and the filter of your blood has run out of room just like that furnace filter you forgot to change last spring that is now caked with dirt so thick your furnace can no longer run.  Your body amazingly enough keeps on ticking because it has a backup place to store these toxins and it’s called fat cells.

Think of these Fat Cells as an extra garage where you can dump those old unused items you meant to go thru and toss someday. Well that day has come if you want to lose fat.

You have probably already had many other signs that you are toxic.  Those aching arthritic joints, brain fog, hives and psoriasis, out of balance hormones, and thyroid are just signals that a greater cause lies deep within.

You can’t clean out that garage storage of toxicity and thereby relieve the body of those fat cells until you clear the detox pathways. These pathways are your colon, small intestine, lymphatic system, kidneys, lungs, skin, and liver.  The Liver is a conductor, preforming over 100’s of processes a day and one vital performance is cleansing the blood.  Your Lymphatic system alone has 45 pints of interstitial fluid that is picking up old toxic matter like a sponge from the tissues of your body, and then dumps it all into the blood which sends it to the liver.  Once the livers load is overburdened, not only will your body begin experiencing symptoms, that I previously mentioned, but it starts shuffling these “Old bags of garbage” off to Fat Cells.

So, if you have ever lost weight and gained it all back, or got stuck at certain points where the bodies bulge won’t let you get into your clothes you wore just a few years ago, you know that culprit is the toxic load.

Opening up the detoxification pathways requires starting with the biggest “Garage door” of your internal house and that is the colon. Once this pathway is open the small intestine can clear out as well and restore itself to well being.  Next is cleansing the blood.   A process that takes time, but once the liver and the blood are cleaned up, your overburdened stores of toxins lying in those fat cells, has somewhere to go. Until you detox these vital organs the body is going to continue creating more fat cells and you are going to be looking for an ever-expanding closet of clothes you can no longer fit in.

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