3 Tips to Massively Reduce Overwhelm
by Sydney Sage ~ 208-608-2498 ~ www.resourcequeen.us


Highly driven people struggle with the same core things…

It was not too long ago that I was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with my life & career. 

I’d often work late, trying to get things done. I’d hole myself up in my home trying to put out fires and market myself, not knowing exactly what I should even be doing for my business. I felt out of touch with myself and like I didn’t have full control of my life. Which was blocking my success. 

I often wondered “What’s the point of success if I’m too busy and stressed out to even enjoy it?” If this feels like you, you are not alone. 

I primarily coach highly driven people and business owners and we all struggle with the same core things:

Overwhelm, work/life balance, and putting ourselves first. Saying no, setting boundaries, and people pleasing. We feel like we have to do all the things all the time or else we won’t make money or someone will get mad at us - or both.

So here are 3 tips to help reduce overwhelm so you can know what to be doing for your career, feel more peace, and get organized:

1.     After you do some sort of personal morning routine, brain dump your to-dos BEFORE you even start your day into a notebook or planner. Get everything out of your brain so you won’t feel stressed you are losing track of what needs to get done.

2.     Then scale back and think of your top 3 current goals. Put a star next to the tasks that will actually get you closer to those goals. Everything else comes second. Close the notebook and know that you have everything written down that you need to keep track of and relax in that. 

3.     Reflect on where you can cut back and simplify. Where could you cut back $200-$300/month? And how could you add in an extra $200-$300/month? How could you simplify work? How could you de-clutter the home and your computer? De-cluttering and simplifying will bring so much peace, space, and clarity when we do this financially, physically, and professionally. 

I’m here to share that there is another way to be an entrepreneur or just a highly driven person. 

If this resonates with you, I have a 12-week coaching program designed specifically for highly driven people who want to end overwhelm, self-neglect, and burnout so they can feel more peace, achieve work/life balance, and finally put themselves first. www.resourcequeen.us for more information. Thank you for reading!