Skin Problems or Liver Issue? Healing Psoriasis, Acne, Hives, Vitiligo
by David DeHaas
It was clear.  The Doctors had no clue on what was going on. “Probably Contact dermatitis of some kind he muttered.”   He handed me a prescription and said, Fill this and I want to see you in a month.”   Could this be an allergy or the result of some type of toxin?” I asked.  The doctor shrugged and hurried off to his next appointment.   I walked out of the office and said to myself, time to double down on cleansing because this prescription is not the answer.  Sure, it gave some relief for a bit, but I knew this wasn’t a long-term fix. 
Here is what was really going on.   My body was out of storage from the garbage my poor old liver was overstuffed with.  The result of 13 Mercury containing fillings in my mouth.  15 years of allergy shots, 100’s of cans soda consumed, cleaning car parts in solvent without gloves, changing oil on the pickup, again no gloves, eating pesticide laden food,  growing up on a farm that used chemicals, picking up that strep virus or EBV and eventually the poor old liver had no more places to the store the years of accumulation of garbage.  When the Liver, the garbage dump of the body gets over run with toxins and old viruses it seeks out new places for storage, much like what us humans do when we run out of room to store stuff in our home.  The convenient location within the body is the subcutaneous tissue. 
A combination of Strep or EBV, combined with aluminum from those sodas or beer you drank, or the pesticides you inhaled when your neighbor sprayed their dandelions and you are bound to eventually have an eruption on the skin.  The Doctors give you a diagnosis, mostly so they can code you in order to collect their fees from the insurance companies, with names like Dermatitis, Vitiligo, Seborrheic dermatitis, Psoriasis, Actinic Keratosis, Cellulitis, Lichen sclerosis Eczema or Acne.    Your liver just sees toxins and goes to work finding places to store it so those nasty toxins are not floating in the blood. 
No amount of supplements or laser treatments or enzymes, or lotions will change the course of that garbage dump within until you do some serious cleansing. You can’t put a new color of paint on the house and expect all of the “stuff” within that house to organize and cleanse itself out. 
Deep tissue cleansing is how I and our clients have reversed our symptoms.  We must begin with getting the debris out of the largest detox pathway in the body, your small and large intestine.   Once the pathway is clear we can now start with cleansing the liver, blood and lymphatic system.  Cleansing one without the others is like cleaning one room in the house and forgetting to take out the garbage in the other rooms. 
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