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My Quest to Slow Down Aging and Prevent Illness
by Mary K. Migliori, MD
In the medical world of opinions, the concept of preventive health that makes the most sense is that our body truly knows how to regenerate itself. To facilitate this miracle, our body requires energy in the form of electrons and raw materials in the form of food and supplements. Both are absolutely necessary to make healthy new cells. 
Dr. Jerry Tennant, MD is an opthalmologist and inventor who has spent the last 20 years creating the most revolutionary system for healing. The Biomodulator and Biotransducer devices transfer vital energy directly to the body without any pain or discomfort.
Our body is like a portable electronic device that must be charged to function optimally. Normally, a healthy diet, exercise, detoxification and sleep allow us to maintain an adequate charge for a respectable quality of life.
Stuff happens, however, and multiple stresses interfere with our innate recharging system.
Dr. Tennant’s advanced training last month focused on finding and treating root interfering stresses. Did you know that a scar across your abdomen could be a root cause of macular degeneration? Or that a dental infection may be the root cause of a cancer? Treating the scar or dental infection restores energy flow to the affected organ so it may heal itself. Toxins, stealth infections and pent up emotions are other correctable root causes.
We’ve been using the Tennant system at Integrative Medicine of Idaho for several months and have seen remarkable results. 
The reason this system works is that it addresses the foundational root cause of all illness. Chinese medicine described this concept of energy flow 5,000 years ago. Your heart beats and your brain is able to think because your body uses electrons to make energy.
This is the key to your longevity and quality of life. 
Integrative Medicine of Idaho is here to help you slow down the aging process and prevent or resolve symptoms.
If you’re ready to take charge of your present and future health, call us at 208-426-0052 and make an appointment.
Mary Migliori, MD
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Bio-Identical Hormone Specialist Fellow,
Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine Fellow,
American Academy of Ozonotherapy
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