Mastery Through Soul Charting
by Geri Habstritt, Medical Intuitive Quantum Healer  

Imagine you picked your parents, your birthdate, birth location and assisted your parents in choosing your name so your journey through this life experience would offer you the greatest opportunity for expansion and mastery? You did just this, no matter the circumstances. Even if you were adopted, this was all part of your divine plan. Both sets of parents, whether you knew them or not played a key energetic role. This is so empowering to know we set ourselves up and didn’t land here by divine accident.

We actually arrived on this planet with the energetic qualities necessary to lead us through our greatest mastery. We knew we were masters and we came here to not only remember but to fully embody this and help others remember through our example.

Many were born into extremely challenging situations. Maybe they chose this because they knew they would self-realize and break a dysfunctional pattern. These people are called lineage holders and have the capacity to heal an entire lineage both backwards and forwards. If this is what is at stake, wouldn’t it be worth some grit for an eternal soul?

Your birthdate, location, and birth name all carry a specific energy derived through numbers. When these numbers are added together a master soul code is revealed. This number is what you came here to master. It is always your greatest challenge and once mastered becomes your greatest gift. These numbers flow around a chart that spirals upward if your intention is to rise in consciousness or laterally if you are in too much fear. You will know if you are spinning laterally because you will have repetitive experiences in life but with different players. When charted these numbers reveal keys to achieving your soul’s intent for this lifetime.

Your soul informs you if you are going the wrong direction or are out of alignment with your mission through divine connection or discomfort in the physical body. Due to the many distractions, emf bombardment and toxic lifestyle, we often miss the call. The body is the ultimate messenger of the soul. Your greatest body challenge areas will usually be in direct connection to the numbers that make up your master soul code. Each of your mastery numbers has a specific location on the body that it aligns with.

A Soul Chart Reading will chart the path of your soul, reveal your energetic dispositions, offer clarity to your purpose and mastery, reveal your ideal path for expansion and add light to bodily challenges. Call for a FREE 15 minute consultation.


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