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Staying Well During Fall 2020
The EDDSS Protocol: Exercise, Diet, Detoxification, Supplementation, Sleep

This year’s flu season is expected to start in October and peak in December, extending through May.

Alex Azar, the U.S. secretary of Health and Human Services, states that the American people have done a great job with the 3 W’s—washing their hands, wearing their masks and watching their distance—to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

But what else can be done to fully prepare for flu season?

First, know your immune system. Troy Torgerson, MD, Director of the Immunology Diagnostic Laboratory at the University of Washington, Seattle, states, “The immune system is like the military that protects your body, your homeland, against invaders and prevents invaders, such as viruses and bacteria from coming in, taking over and trying to take down your homeland.”

Is your immune army fortified and ready to conquer invading flu and coronaviruses?

Integrative Medicine of Idaho (IMI) is here to assess and restore your system’s military strength with a new protocol for Fall 2020.

The EDDSS Protocol includes Exercise, Diet, Detoxification, Supplementation and Sleep (EDDSS.)

E stands for Exercise. Much of your body’s energy and detoxification abilities come from muscle contraction and lymph flow during active movement. If you don’t have the time or desire to lift weights or do cardio for an hour, all you need is ten minutes on our in-house VMAX vibration plate. The machine stimulates lymph detox and strengthens and tones the musculoskeletal system while optimizing body contour and weight.

D stands for Diet. The best diet is one filled with nutrient-dense, organic, non-GMO fruits, vegetables, range-fed meat, fresh fish and grains and very low sugar. Special diets excluding grains and other foods may be necessary to manage some chronic conditions

D is for Detoxification.  A toxic body has a weak immune system.

Did you know that tap water contains toxic chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, radium and pharmaceutical drugs? These elements are absorbed and stored in your cells disrupting your metabolic reactions. Weight gain and fatigue ensue and life is no fun. A shower in unfiltered tap water is the equivalent to drinking 10 glasses of toxic soup.

Luckily, there is a solution. Filter your whole house—or at least your drinking and shower water—with special filters to reduce your daily toxic load.

S is for Supplementation. Daily fortification with fulvic minerals, higher dose vitamins, Alpha Lipoic Acid and other nutrients is critical to maintain your military strength.

S is for Sleep. Organ and tissue repair occur during sleep so if you aren’t sleeping, your immune system will suffer.

IMI’s EDDSS protocol, combined with the 3 W’s and other biohacks like hyperbaric oxygen therapy, will significantly improve your defenses and reduce your risk of succumbing to the upcoming flu or COVID-19 viral attacks. And most important of all, you will look and feel like your best self.

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