by Mark Cook, ART (Regd)


It’s often said, “the best offense is a good defense” and that really comes into play with the coronavirus and personal health care in general. The headlines read coronavirus this, coronavirus that. You could scare yourself to death reading or watching the news these days. But it isn’t just this virus, improving your immune system through lifestyle changes is a good idea in any case. A heart concern made me realize I wasn’t eating a diet that helped my heart (or general health) one bit. And now I eat a tasty, nutritious, fun diverse diet and eating is a lifestyle change blessing. This wake up call allowed me to focus on enjoying improving my lifestyle and learning what is best for “me”. You can die a number of ways, but improving your immune system and lifestyle probably won’t be one of them. Take time for a life “reboot”. The coronavirus is just a good excuse to get an idea of what you can do to help yourself gain an advantage through the subject of self-care.

Self-care starts with your realization that there is a lot you can do to help or improve your personal situation. For example, if you are on immune suppressing drugs, you might want to ask your doctor for something that will not suppress your immune system. There are a lot of healing systems out there. What drug-free “best practices” work for you?

Self Care starts with you becoming well informed about your current physical and emotional situation rather than relying on (often) one assessment in allopathic medicine. Self care starts with you seeking a lifestyle that devotes time to pro “you”, things like eating for better health, getting some exercise you enjoy, getting extra ZZZ’s and focusing more on the emotional and energetic aspect of enjoying yourself. Self care is taking control of your life to the extent that you can with an eye toward better personal health to give your immune system the best opportunity to remain healthy in an unhealthy world. It’s fun and interesting discovering for yourself what works for you. And it is guaranteed that prevention will be more enjoyable than struggling back from something that got you because you didn’t try to improve your situation. It can’t be guaranteed something won’t get you, but you will have improved your health and future as long as that may be.

The Art of Self Care is a two day seminar covering essentials of self care. I will teach four core approaches to self-care which will cover nutrition, emotional and mind/body awareness, a system utilizing the frequencies of color, and a system of hand reflexology. All designed to empower you. Visit “reflexologyinboise” on facebook or call/text Mark at 208-788-2012.