The End of the World
by Victoria Savage RN “Wisdom Guided Oracle”


There have been so many ups and downs, strange happenings and unusual history making events these past few months that it’s got many people thinking that this might just be the end of the world.


It is the end of the world as we know it. We will never be the same!


It doesn’t seem like this right now on so many levels but Gaia couldn’t take any more, and mankind needed a shake-up. And this is just what we got.

 We saw how Gaia repaired herself so quickly when the world was in lockdown for just a few weeks.

We got a very graphic understanding of just how connected we all are on this planet. We can now be under no illusion that what we do here doesn’t affect our fellow earthlings on the other side of the planet.

Something had to give. And boy has it!

What we are seeing in our outer world is the screenplay of the battle that is going on for our planet. The proverbial war of light against dark.

That is what all this unrest, hatred, angst and anger is. It is the death throes of the dark energies which are on the run.

And you my friend (I know this because you’re someone who reads a paper like HedraNews) are here for a very big task in all of this transformation.

This war has been waging below the surface for years, but because of the volume of lightworkers who have come in at this time in history, to hold a higher vibration and anchor the light, everything is erupting on the surface now as the darkness is on the run.

 If you doubt that you’re actually capable of helping in this war, stop it!

You, now more than ever, need to claim your power, exercise it, and share your gifts as well as a higher vibrational energy with the world.

 If you are unsure of what your gifts are, or even if you have any gifts at all, I can help you with this. I assure you that you do and one small session with me will help you begin to understand who you are on a higher level and how to purposefully go forward as the powerful lightworker you are.

For Hedra readers I’m making a very special offer. I’ll give you a free 15 minute session to help you recognize your gifts and talents that you can grow and develop to live a more fulfilled and purposeful life moving forward while at the same time aide in this epic battle that we are in the midst of as humans. YOU’VE GOT THIS! And I can help you uncover it.


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