The Gift of Loving You.
By Victoria Savage RN/Oracle ~ 473-8254

Running through a field of us beating down every bit of new growth in the fields that define us on a daily basis, keeps us from sowing the seeds of self-care and love we need for ourselves. Allow your fields to rest and recover while you feed them so that when you sow the seeds you want to grow the ground will be ready to receive them

The analogy of field and seeds applies to most things in life but especially to creating love in your life. The expression of love is the simplest and yet hardest thing we can do as a human. The human condition seems to be focused on our own shortcomings, inadequacies, failings and perceived limitations. With that energy as the focus of every thought is it any wonder the seeds of love are unable to grow?

Prepare your inner fields with self-love in order to get them ready for the love of another.

Every though creates a vibration and that vibration is like a beacon of light attracting everything in that vibratory field to it.

The only things it can attract are the things that can see it.

The only thing that can see it is something of the same vibration.

If you want love...give love freely... to yourself on a regular basis. You cannot give what you do not have.

But what if you don't feel particularly loving, lovable, or loved? How can you give love? Is it possible to manufacture it? Absolutely! It's possible to raise your vibrations closer to the vibration of love, which is the highest vibration you can be in.

And it's simple!

First voice the words. Then send it out to someone or something. It doesn't need to be a living being, everything has a vibration. "I bless the wall with pure love and joy." "I bless the road with pure love and joy." "I bless the truck driver with pure love and joy." And Repeat. 1-2 minutes of this activity will produce a lighter feeling within you. You're starting to vibrate closer and closer to the vibration of pure unconditional of love. The Divine vibration.

Stop the cycle of self-flagellation that keeps you locked in the same patterns day after day. There is no upside, nor virtue in recounting your shortcomings regularly. There is no honor in living in your wounds. Only stagnation.

If you want to change the love situation in your life, change the vibration you're sending out.

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Love and Light to you all.