The Mercury Mirror
by Geri Habstritt, Medical Intuitive Quantum Healer 


Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Have you been looking into the mirror of mercury and loving what you see? We are in the middle of a mystical mercury retrograde that is reflecting all of the March/April energy. Life is a giant mirror, constantly reflecting to us the finished and unfinished aspects of ourselves along with everything that we pay attention or add our energy to. This retrograde is holding up a mirror so large that you can’t escape it no matter how much you try to distract yourself consciously or unconsciously. The universe out of great love is saying “we are heading into a new year and a new cycle, do you want to carry forth what you see into this next cycle?”

The key is that it matters not what you see. What matters is that you love and accept what you see; judgements, anger, pain, a body that may not look the way you want it to. These are all natural emotions but the quickest way to solidify a self-defeating energy into the body is to judge it. It’s one thing to be angry and aware and another thing to judge yourself for being angry. To judge is to crucify. If you find yourself judging other people, it’s because you are judging yourself. If others are judging you, it’s because you are judging yourself. This is how the mirror works.

Rather than blaming or being angry at those offering reflections to assist your healing journey, change yourself. It’s THE time to BE the change you want to see in the world and this begins with SELF LOVE. Self love IS self acceptance around everything you are and everything you aren’t, releasing self judgment, forgiveness of self and others, clear boundaries, putting yourself first and not compromising yourself. When you can embrace ALL of this, watch the mirror dazzle and amaze you. Everyday turns into a living miracle.

ALL outer distractions is the subconscious mind not wanting to embrace true love. The outer distractions are at an all time high. This is a co-creation of a collective consciousness that has forgotten how to really love.

A practice to assist this moment is to gaze into a mirror (look deeply into your eyes/soul) and repeat “I love you unconditionally.” “You are safe with me.” “I accept you just as you are.” Repeat for 15 minutes and you will be amazed at the healing benefits of your own self love and attention and then ENJOY what mercury’s mirror will reveal.

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