The Path of the Empath
By Morrighan Lynne

There is a wondrous creature living in the world. Elusive and delicate, sometimes bold and impetuous. Powerful and fierce and yet often they keep to themselves for fear of being in the spotlight. Capable of sensing the slightest change in the air and able to react with the deepest of conviction for the truth. This creature is known by many names, but most have known them as Empath.

It is common to hear tales of this empathic creature as being shy and introverted. Many times the world is just too much to bear for those that are sensitive to its ever changing chaos and uncertainty. For this group of empaths being in large crowds and around loud sounds is overwhelming to the point where it can trigger panic attacks and paranoia. Without realizing it they have absorbed all the energies in their field of existence and it eventually weighs them down.

And yet there are other empaths that find their strength in the changing tides of adventure. They thrive on the collective energetic offerings and feed off of the attention from their social circles. Sometimes to the point of becoming addicted to the attention and seeking out activities that will fill them up when they feel low. What can be deduced is simply, no two empaths are the same. We are far too complex to be lopped off into one grouping.

So then why are we trying to label them and limit their capabilities by a single title? Sure, it’s convenient on some level. Society likes to categorize people in groupings so that they understand how to treat them. And humans do love their labels. But by doing so it also sands down the unique gifts, talents, and virtues that each person carries within. When we dismiss all empaths as being all alike, we miss the chance to see what makes each one special.

There is no telling what an empath can do when given a supportive environment, educational tools for keeping their energy field clear, and cultivating the strong healthy boundaries it takes to navigate their relationships in a positive way. Besides, aren’t these the reason we empaths struggle to begin with?

How many times have we felt the internal indicators of gut instincts and heavy dread for a situation? And IF we mustered up the courage to tell someone about our feelings, we would end up being put down for being “too sensitive.” After hearing that a few thousand times, one might begin to believe it and squash down the wise inklings that guide our way in the night.

That negating domino affect begins to break down the inner trust to which we initially feel aligned. The trust that helps to nudge us in the right direction. The trust that squelches the inner critical voice that tries to sabotage our efforts to be happy in life. And once we lose trust, once that alignment is broken, we are flying blind in life hoping to hell it all works out. And when it doesn’t we blame ourselves anyway.

In an effort to feel connected to something, anything, we grab onto the first willing participant that comes along. Any person offering the love and attention that we are missing because we aren’t giving it to ourselves. Only, we have a tendency to pick the wrong type of person when we choose from a place of fear and loneliness. We want it so badly that it seems we’ll take any form we are offered.

And how about the cruelest joke of all…being born with this massive amount of sensitive “feelers” only to have no freaking idea of how to use them. It’s like we just bought our first car but someone forgot to include the owner’s manual to keep it running in tip top shape. So here we are, driving 100 mph down the highway and not knowing how any of the gadgets work.

Over time the empath begins to shut down, numbing themselves with anything that will allow them to disengage from life. It seems to be easier to cope with than the increasingly overwhelming energies that come towards the sensitive empath. However, even though on some level they feel better, over time this behavior does more damage than we know.

You see, the nature of being a sensitive person requires the empath to be connected in order to maintain their overall health and vitality. It’s that very connection that feeds their big, beautiful hearts and allows their frequency to vibrate radiantly. And it’s not only in their relationships with people, animals, and nature that I’m referencing. I’m also talking about their connection with Source/Universe/God/Goddess energy. If the empath starts cutting of their relationships in their mundane life, for reasons of survival, then their connection to Source also begins to wane.

The issue is that over the years, we’ve been clobbered a few thousand times and it hurts. And we don’t like hurting so we pull away and hide away to protect ourselves. So where is the sweet spot? Where can the empath maintain their healthy connections but not get overwhelmed by every little wave of emotion that crashes around them? That is the path of the empath. To find that beautiful middle ground where they feel fed but also feel safe.

Cultivating healthy boundaries is one of the first places to start. An empath must be willing to say no to things when they feel heavy and draining. And yes, guilt will immediately follow that no. But it must be said to maintain balance. Choosing high vibrational activities, foods, beverages, and yes, people is key as well. The empath must find the strength from within to walk away from things that harm their energy field. Beefing up their spiritual toolbox is a must. Grounding, centering, meditation, self-awareness, and other practices are the staples for the empath. And lastly, trusting ourselves is critical. Even when all the other voices in the world are telling us we are too sensitive, too tender, or too emotional. Even though self-doubt wants to creep into our heads and tell us that we’re just crazy, or tired, or over-worked. Even if you don’t know what is happening, but you know SOMETHING is happening…trust that. Above everything else, trust that still, small voice inside. It would never lie to you. It knows the way in the dark. It holds your light as you walk down the path. It is your truest voice in the sea of doubt. Trust that and you’ll never be lost again.

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