by Kirstin Gooldy ~ or call:  562-234-1037


Hello beautiful Souls! What a doozy of a few months it has been, wouldn’t you agree?  To my surprise, I had to dig deep, reclaim who I Am and step forward into the great unknown in an even bigger way than I am used to – and I often play big!  I am sharing with you at bit of my experience over the last two months.  As you read, I ask that you find yourself within these words.  Acknowledge the wonderment of you, reflect in awe who you are.  It is with you and your unique Soul expression fully realized that we begin to envision and create a world beyond dreams.

This time in history is an end point of the old and a creation of the new.  We are dead smack in the middle of the old and the new.  During this time I had to muster up courage, expand with an open heart and be of loving service.  Further, I had to allow myself to go deeper inward, cultivate, and, expand my relationship with Source.  Why? To fully align with my fullest Soul self and align with Spirit.  This allows me to be fully guided and align in flow with Spirit’s will.  Further, I allowed time, space and compassion for myself.  I embraced this opportunity to transform and transmute, raise my energetic vibration and upgrade my physical body to carry the new world energies.   Like all growth, it sometimes feels wildly exciting and other times, well what can I say, it’s not as graceful and exciting.  I do the best I can.  Can you relate?

This has been a fantastic opportunity for Soul evolution.  I chose to go deep.  I chose to reclaim the woman inside of me that I am meant to be.  Let’s be clear – this is not an easy or graceful process. Sometimes it looks a bit messy, especially when I am growing into my new soul vibration and interacting with other human beings.  What is your story?  Have you taken the time to evolve your Soul and look at how you will creatively self-express you into the new world?

 The collective consciousness is carrying so many heightened feelings that as an empath it required/es a much deeper spiritual practice to elevate above and carry the vibration of love.  The feelings of sadness, anger and grief I experienced appeared as if they would consume me.  Other times I felt a profound and overwhelming sense love, joy, community, expansion and gratitude.  With my spiritual deepening practices I became aware that the agony stemmed from many places.  Experiencing the pain of Gaia. The pain and fear of others around me.  My own pain as I cleared away what needed to be cleared away in order to advance my own soul purpose.  Have you felt overwhelming sadness, grief or anger that is not necessarily yours?  When did you feel love, joy, gratitude, community?  When did you act with these attributes?

I recognized agonizing sadness over the idea that some are trying to have us go back to normal, the way things were.  That is a painful premise for me.  I am extremely clear I will fully participate in the birthing of the New World.  This New World is glorious.  It is filled with harmony, delight, joy, flow, abundance, a healthy and clean earth. Clean food systems, clean water, a re-connection to the old ways of honor, respect and reverence for that which provides sustenance for  us, the planet earth.  Can I get an Amen and so it is and so it shall be here?  What is the new world you see in your visions?  What are you calling forward?

 We are the midwives being called to bring forth this new world, please do not let it go back to the way it was.  I beg you, rise, be a leader in this new world.  A guest on mine and Mark’s podcast, Dr. Marissa refers to before Covid-19 as BC-19.  Please let’s create AC-19 with a new vision, a new energetic vibration and imprint.  This is my time, this our time – is it your time? I am calling to your heart, asking you to rise and be who you are meant to be.  Lead us to the new queendom – the birthing of the feminine consciousness.


I stand in awe of each of you!  You have gained the ability to be with you. This solitude has created conditions for you to do the inner work!  This, yes this, is a tremendous accomplishment.  You did it! Now double down!  Go deeper!

Many leaders have risen, those that did may not have known they were leaders.  They surprised themselves.  You showed up in loving service, you sharpen your grit and soften your heart.  You felt and dealt with life on life’s terms without the sight of what will be birthed.  This my dear ones is fortitude!  This is what makes a leader a leader.  Take time to recognize you – write your story “the wonderment of me”.  Acknowledge all that you have done, Acknowledge your spiritual growth, mind set changes, physical body changes, service work, creative new ways to live and thrive.  What obstacles have you overcome or overcoming?  Who are you – I AM…?  What world do you want for our future?  Do you want the old or are you part of the new?  Will you rise, what call to action have you heard?

I want to hear your story! Please share this!  If you are so inclined please email your stories to or post them in the Pure Entelechy Facebook page @pureentelechy.  Share the wonderment of you!  Thank you for being the blessings of our new world.

Much love,  Kirstin Gooldy