Time to Love Again
 by Pastor Christine Haggerty

If I could lean in close to you and whisper something in your ear, it would be this: “If there are pieces of your past that are weighing you down, it’s time to leave them behind.  You are not what has happened to you.  You are someone unimaginably greater than you have ever imagined, and perhaps it’s time to consider all the possibilities that are within you.  The time is now to let the love flow that has been trapped inside your heart and soul.”

Most of us have been hurt by love in some way, and often after that injury, we tend to build a wall of protection around us so we are never hurt again.  We start to distrust others and begin to see the world in a dark way.  We block ourselves off from seeing the beauty and love all around us, and we begin to become cynical. Being cynical is a very low vibration and in a short period of time, that low vibration will begin to attract similar vibrations. Birds of a feather flock together.  Before you know it, your new group of friends will be dark and cynical and you will live in a world without the light of love.

Pranic energy healing can remove the painful injuries in your past, remove negative energy cords that are weighing you down, and clean out all your chakras and aura.  Once the aura and chakras are cleaned, an energy healer can energize the chakras with a healing positive energy and seal that energy or positive live force, inside each chakra, allowing your entire energy body to function at a high vibration.  Removing all the past hurts from your solar plexus and your aura and replacing it with Divine Light Energy will immediately raise your entire emotional and physical vibration, and you will begin to see the world in a new way.  Remember, like attracts like, and soon you will notice new people entering your life who are uplifting, happy, positive, and kind.  You will begin to see the beauty in the world and yes, you will even feel and see the love that is all around you.  Your heart and mind will open and allow love to enter again.

During this month when we celebrate Valentine’s Day, let’s open our hearts and leave the fear behind.  Let’s be brave and embrace the love that is waiting for us.  It’s time to love again. The world needs you, the very best version of you, and that best version of you is filled with love and is fully alive - blessing and uplifting all those around you.

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$49 for an hour session covering relationships and forgiveness.
$39 for a 45-minute session focusing on cleansing, balancing, and energizing the heart chakra and the aura.
$29 for a 30-minute Aura cleansing and energizing.
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In Great Love & Light,
Pastor Christine Haggerty
Into the Light Energy Healing and Counseling Center
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