Top Ten Tips for Boosting Your Energy

 What does August mean to you?  Winding down the summer events or maybe amping up to get the last things in that you said you wanted to do this summer? There is State Fairs and Family Reunions and School shopping.  It can be a lot of fun and/or a lot of Stress.  Here are some tips I found in the Blog for keeping up that energy during this last ditch effort to finish Summer Strong.

Tip No. 1 Take Quality Supplements.  Last month’s article on Healthy Habits we discussed why we need to supplement.  But there are other things you can add to your routine that can help.  In addition to my doTERRA Daily Nutrient Pack®, I also use their Mito2Max®.  Use Mito2Max as a healthy, long-term alternative to caffeinated drinks and supplements for increased energy and vitality.

Tip No. 2 Work Out Mid Day is a great suggestion to beat that after noon lull.  Finding that perfect time for you to get some good workout in, is so key.  I belong to a Women’s Gym that has noon classes.  What I like about that is, I am a morning person, so it gives me time to get most of my tasked for the day done.  And then it gives me the energy to finish the day strong.  In a blog by doTERRA, they write “Studies suggest that working out at this time can increase your productivity—making the time away from the office worth it.”  I have also heard working out before your first meal of the day is a great time too.

Tip No. 3 Stretch and Breathe.  Deep Breathe in, hold it, now release slowly.  Feels good right?  But did you know it actually increases the blood flow.  Especially when you are overwhelmed or your thoughts are going in a direction you do not like.  The new phones even tell you to Breathe, Stand, Stretch throughout the day.  Got to love our modern technology.  But they are so right on.  I use to love walking out in the processing plant when I worked for a fruit grower, not to check on things, but to get that good stretch and gain some energy.

Tip No. 4 Invigorate with Essential Oils.  Of course, being a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA, I cannot discuss energy without mentioning essential oils.  doTERRA writes in their blog, “Diffusing Citrus essential oils is shown to uplift and improve your mood, while Frankincense, Peppermint, and Rosemary are beneficial in invigorating the senses.”  My favorite is the combination of peppermint and wild orange put in the palm of your hand and inhale.  They cool you down as well as uplift you.

Tip No. 5 Go Outside.  “Simply breathing in fresh air for 20 minutes can change both your energy levels and mood for the better. It also means you get that crucial amount of sun exposure to keep your vitamin D levels up.” This is so much easier in the summer and for me in the fall when it is cooler.  My neighbor always takes her breaks outside. Just sitting and enjoying the weather does wonder for the energy.  

Tip No. 6 Eat Smaller, More Frequent Meals.  “Food is most importantly our body’s fuel, and when you start to get hungry your mood and level of activity can quickly decline.” This is probably an article for another day as some studies are showing this may not be the best to eat often.  One thing I have been enjoying in my lifestyle is the 16 hour fasting with 8 hours of eating.  I find it a great way to focus my lifestyle on when I eat, instead of how much or how little.  

Tip No. 7 Get an Aromatouch® doTERRA’s 7th Tip is to enjoy “The invigorating effects of the AromaTouch® Technique essential oil application can help you re-center and reduce stress.”  This is so good as it does apply eight incredible oils in a way to bring the body into homeostasis.  This is about Self Care. In a blog I read on Young Living’s site they wrote, “Serving others brings a wealth of benefits to your life, but you can only assist your community and nurture your family when you are well. Self-care is a vital part of wellness.”  No matter how busy you are, you need that time for you.  Take a bath, get a massage and oh yes have an AromaTouch® Technique.   

Tip No.8  Stay Hydrated.  This month my gym, Kaia Fit, has been focused on hydration.  Here are some helpful tips they suggest: “Add in a touch of lemon juice concentrate or a few slices of lemon. Lemons act as a natural electrolyte.  Infuse water with cucumbers or berries.  Throw a bottle of water in the freezer the night before use (just don’t fill it up all the way). Eat plenty of water-dense vegetables and fruit like watermelon and cucumbers.  Limit caffeinated drinks like soda or coffee. Parents, try to limit alcoholic beverages as well.”  Try adding a drop of pure therapeutic grade essential oil like Wild Orange, Grapefruit, Spearmint or Tangerine.

Tip No. 9 Get a Good Night Sleep.  We all know this.  Have a bad night sleeping and you feel drained all day long.  Nightly routine especially during the summer days can be hard but can help slow down your brain and get you into a peaceful state preparing for a “Good Nights Sleep”.  And don’t forget to diffuse some essential oils like Lavender, Roman Chamomile, and Vetiver.  doTERRA also have some great blends for this.   

Tip No. 10 Take a Power Nap.  I remember when I was studying to be a medic in the Navy, they told us that if we are out in the field, and cannot get 8 hours of sleep it would be good to take 5-one hour naps.  I did not quite understand that concept.  But according to the infographic on “25 minutes boosts alertness and motor learning skills, 45 minutes boosts memory and enhances creativity, and 75 minutes enhances problem skills.”  So, don’t be afraid of those afternoon naps. Hammocks are great for that.

Peggy Washburn Wellness Advocate doTERRA International.