Using ITEX dollars for Healthcare

How are your healthcare costs? Driving you freaking insane? Us too!

But you do have options. Along with HSA’s, self-insuring, or cancelling insurance altogether, many companies are reducing this employee expense by opting for higher deductibles and discontinuing dental and eye care insurance. This helps contain costs but reduces benefits to your team. To supplement this, consider using your ITEX account to replace some of these benefits.

By becoming a member of ITEX with Free membership weather you own a business or need services as an Independent Person consider joining ITEX to lower your Health Insurance costs for yourself, family members or your employees. Let me Show you How!

In many of the geographic areas we cover, dental, eye care, chiropractic services, podiatry, weight loss programs, and other services are generally available through ITEX. Consider extending an annual ITEX dollar allowance to each of your staff members.

Allow them to use your ITEX account and keep a spreadsheet of the services rendered to manage the employee purchases. This allows you to keep your insurance costs contained, continues to provide a comprehensive benefit to the employee, and uses your ITEX dollar revenues all at the same time. (NOTE: You would need to check with your accountant if they deemed these to be taxable revenues to the employee or HR investments by the company.) 

Another benefit to this is that no matter what amount you allocate for each employee you only pay for services actually delivered!  If a given employee requires no medical care that year there is no money out of your pocket.

We’ve also had some companies offer an annual incentive for their employees to lose weight or stop smoking with a prize purchased with ITEX dollars at the end of the year for those that meet a specific goal.

Stay healthy with ITEX.

Please call me and I will go over the program. Sandra Harshman Broker of Boise Eagle Itex 208.283.4218.

You actually benefit from a no out of pocket cost program with items that you are willing to sell through the ITEX Trade Exchange. Do you have an old car but need dental work done, well let me show you how this happens.

Membership is Free! But the benefits are Out of this World.

No need to be out of health care or going without we can show you how to obtain what you need without insurance by trading what you have.