We Are Birthing
by Geri Habstritt

EVERYTHING is birthing right now.  The trees are budding with new flowers. The ducks are preparing to birth their ducklings and all of humanity has been mandated to their homes to birth themselves.  Birthing is painful and often not much fun until the baby is born.  We have all been given a gift, in the form of a virus, as a time out from the treadmill of life.  We’ve been given an opportunity to go inward and reflect, re-organize, create and renew.  At the end of our incubation period we will come out anew.  How we do this is individual.

Many will use this time to go deeper into fear, hoard, obsess and ride a downward spiral of self-created hell.  Others will reflect on their lives, the path they have been on and re-evaluate what has been serving and what hasn’t.  Many will have more family and partner time than tolerable and will run out of their houses screaming.  Many will awaken.  Anytime the predominant energy of the planet is fear, means there is also the opportunity to completely release fear.  What a gift to release fear.

I invite you to take advantage of this beautiful moment.  Use this time to go deep inside your heart and ask your soul what it is trying to communicate.  Ask how you can make the most of this time out.  What part of you has been lost in the day to day and is now ready to come out and play?  Ask, how can I love myself more?  Journaling is the best way I know to get in touch with these feelings. 

Nourish your body and energy field.  The body innately is not feeling safe right now as the planetary thought body is compounding in fear.  Nourishing the body with light-healthy foods, rest, gentle exercise and relaxing baths are all good ways to let the physical body know it’s safe.  Placing a hand over your heart and declaring “In this moment I am safe,” with conscious breath is beneficial.  If the physical body doesn’t feel safe, it will trigger the mind and emotional field and will throw your entire body out of balance.  Follow your joy.  This is the gateway to your freedom.  Be scrupulous about eliminating everything in your path that is less than joy.  Remember you are a creator and not a victim unless you want to be.

If you are being challenged right now, I offer EFT for trauma release, timeline healing, inner child healing, chakra balancing and many other modalities.

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