What are you waiting for?

By Victoria Savage RN “Wisdom Guided Oracle”


A channeled message from Orion-

“Greetings to you all from those who love you in the higher realms!

Now is the time for you to step forward. Yes, I mean you! You are the way-showers, the light workers, the soothsayers, the psychics, the channels, and the spiritual guides. The world is waiting for you to show up in all of your gifts and your glory. Do you doubt that you have that? The reading of this magazine is enough to prove that you are curious about your inner depths, your greater power, and your gifts.

Let me assure you…You do have them.

The world needs you to show up now to help usher it into this new age of enlightenment. People all over the world are hungry for what you have to share, and the wisdom that you are capable of tapping into.

If this thought creates fear or anxiety, or maybe some even excitement in you, then it’s likely you’re ready to blossom into your power and gift.

I urge you to call upon us, your divine power team, to help make you aware of what you have to offer, and to give you the courage and strength to open up to that idea.

You my friend are a beautiful light that the world is waiting on to show up. You have insights and understandings that no one else can receive for the world in the way you can.

I charge you with this:

Allow the true you to be seen by the world.

Own your divine right and your divine gifts because the longer you wait the more people go without what you came to share with them.

I understand that this may seem confusing, ungrounded, airy fairy, and even possibly for some of you, maybe evil.

But I assure you I speak the truth. In your heart of hearts you know what I say is true. Ask for the courage you need to allow this transformation within you.

There is so much help for you from all of us here. All you need to do is ask for it and the awareness’s, and insights you seek will begin to show up.

It is with great respect, love, and encouragement I bring you this message”   -Orion

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