What’s Energy Medicine?
by Jessica Allison, Energy Medicine Practitioner ~ 208-794-1111

Energy medicine has been around for thousands of years. It’s not innately new age or occult based. Many people still refer to alternative healing modalities as woo woo, even though energy medicine techniques are some of the oldest modalities we have throughout history for healing. It’s not easy to understand energy work in the way we understand something tangible like taking a vitamin or a medication. Those things are physical, we can easily perceive them, but with energy medicine we‘re working with the unseen.

We are energetic, electromagnetic beings. Everything starts as energy before its manifest in the physical form. Our hearts are essentially electrically driven oscillators, our brain waves are electric, are bones are crystalline and electric, our blood carries a charge, every single cell is electric and can emit vibrational energy as well as receive vibrational energy. We have a magnetic field around us that is constantly informing our electrical body. When we have a blockage somewhere, a slowdown of electrical flow, a slowdown of energy is when symptoms of imbalance start to happen. This can look like pain, fatigue, anxiety, depression, immune, digestive, and nervous system problems, cancer; all kinds of things that plague people are connected to how energy is flowing through them.

Energy medicine is a complementary, non-invasive way of achieving wellness, balance, and coherence in the body. Energy medicine practitioners may use their hands on or off the body, use different tools like crystals or tuning forks, and can even work on clients from a distance; you don’t even have to be in person to have a successful energy therapy session.

Energy medicine is about getting in a state of flow and harmony in the body and the field around the body so that you can be more resilient in life. We all have the ability to tap into the body’s innate intelligence and activate our inner therapeutic flow of energy for healing.

I invite you to have a session with me. Try it out for yourself. It’s my passion to support people on their wellness and spiritual path. I’d love the opportunity to show you instead of just tell you about energy medicine.
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