What’s in your Wellness Toolbox?
by Victoria Savage RN “Wisdom Guided Oracle”

As an RN for nearly 30 years, health and wellness has been a focus in my life. Through the years I’ve come to understand just how important it is that we take charge of our own wellness.

Today more than ever, with what we are all experiencing in the world with the new awareness of viruses, bacteria, and illness keeping our bodies functioning at their best is even more important.

Having a set of tools to help in our effort to stay well is a very easy and effective way to give your body as much support as possible to do this.

Today I wanted to give you 3 easy things you might want to include in your Wellness Toolbox.

1.     Gratefulness practice: each morning, and each evening take 30 seconds and list in your mind or on paper 5 things you have to be grateful for.

This is one of the most powerful tools I can suggest. This alone helps keep your focus on higher vibrational aspects of our life and helps your focus to stay in a higher vibration as well. This will set your tone for your day, and help you to achieve better sleep as well.

2.     Include time daily, even if just 5 minutes, to get quiet with the attitude/mantra, “I’m open, I’m willing, I’m ready.”

This helps quiet your monkey mind, allows you to move on with greater concentration, and increases your productivity. This in turn helps bring you towards a more peaceful inner self which is a healthier state for your body to live in.

3.     Choose a few high quality supplements to support your physical body.

I’ve taken supplements most of my adult life, and for most of that time I was trusting that they were working, but I never felt any difference. This changed a few years back when I decided to try a brain supplement (Renova Empower Plus) since my mother suffered from dementia. It was then I realized I’d lived with low level anxiety most of my life, but I’d never not had it, so I didn’t know what it was like to live without it. I’ve managed to cut the volume of supplements I use now because of this supplement (I’ll add the link below in case you’re interested in learning more about it,) and because of the CBD oil I’ve chosen. Both of these supplements have multiple system effects. Yay! Better results with fewer products.

4.     Okay I know I said 3 things, but the fourth is also really too important to leave out.

Do what you can to get at least 6-8 hours of good quality sleep every night. This one thing can change your whole health picture quickly. Hint: CBD will help you in this area as well.

So, I’ve given you 4 really effective ways to boost your immune system: Daily Gratefulness Practice, CBD to increase your daily energy and sleep, Decrease Pain with Joiya CBD and Renova Empower Plus and a Quietness Practice Daily to improve your overall wellness.

The choice is yours. How do you want to move forward in your life?

Here are the links to these two amazing supplements I’ve mentioned.
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