When the ebb is greater than the flow. Finding me again.
By Victoria Savage, RN - “Nurse Savage on your side!” Wisdom Guided Oracle

Wow! What a ride this year has been so far, and not necessarily in a good way. More days than not I have awoken to great heaviness and have to begin the journey back to myself, because the truth is, when I’m in the place of heaviness, sadness, self-criticism and fear, I am not truly myself, and I choose to go within and find me once again.

This has been my truth for most of my life. I am not inherently a person who wakes up easy, happy and joyful. Actually, the opposite has been my truth. I awaken in fear on some level. But since I was a small child, I have searched for ways to move around this heavy energy and I still am. I didn’t realize what I was doing, I just did it because I had to. This isn’t because I’m spiritual and find God in all things, which I am, and I do, but it’s because I don’t like feeling bad! It’s as simple as that.  I like to feel good and through the years I cultivated tools that got me where I wanted to be. As an adult, I began to learn how to manage my own energy and now, I no longer beseech God to help me.

I no longer beg to be shown how to be better, how to change my nature and be something I’m not so that I can fit into the boxes everyone else wants me to fit into. No!

As empaths we feel so much energy from the world. Not just the people around us but from the collective as a whole, it is imperative that we learn to manage our energy in order to do what we came to do in the world. So, I take charge of my energy every day, and work to get back to balance, peace, comfort and some small space of joy. I clear my field, fill it with what I choose and seal it so I’m less impacted by the energy of others. That is my daily walk, living in my own power.

This is how I choose to live, and my greatest desire is to help other people live in their own power by learning to manage their own energy, living from a place of their choosing and bringing their own powerful gifts to the world to share. This is where real joy resides.

If you need some help and guidance about just how to do this, give me a call. I’d be honored to help you move forward in this as well.

Victoria Savage RN ~ 208-473-8254   (text messages are not received at this number)