Your Amazing, Creative, Intuitive (and sometimes demanding) INNER Child!
By Julie Matheson
In the early days, of our now 25-year marriage, whenever my husband and I would have a follow-up talk about a previously difficult conversation, I would find comfort in saying to us… “You know, at any given time there are really four of us here discussing things – there is you and me and there is your inner child and mine.”
We both agreed that all these voices were valid and then we would do our feeble best to honor them all. It seemed to help us take a step back and appreciate that not everything we were discussing was rooted in the here and now. Much of it went way back to before we ever met each other, and the current issue was prompting us to reconsider bumps and bruises from our individual pasts, being made known to us through the voices of our inner children. 
Truth is, the child you once were is always with you. He or she lives in your second chakra energetically and is the voice that inspires you to be playful and creative. This voice might be the one who sparks you to pick up a paintbrush or shares words for a poem or urges you to plant a tree or go dig in the garden or to call a friend a go have a play date.
It is also the voice you hear when things are not going your way, that lets you know something isn’t quite right here. This voice always knows what it wants and what it likes. It was instilled in us before any restrictions were placed on us by the grown-up world, when life was more about just growing up. When we tap into it, we remember our child-like freedom and essence and a time when we knew nothing better than to just be who we are.
In the holistic pattern-clearing work I do, I often need to ask a client to recall an event from childhood in which the energy of a current issue might be rooted. This inquiry requires them to feel into the current issue and trace it back in history to when one’s beliefs about oneself were first getting established.  If ever a client says to me, I don’t remember that time in my life, I reach for Young Living’s Inner Child blend.
But that’s not the only I time I use it. I also reach for YL’s Inner Child blend when I need help getting in touch with what I really want, or when I need to be creative, or intuitive, or when I am journaling or out playing with children.  Inner child = authenticity. 
Inner Child™ affirmation:  I am in touch with my authentic, creative, intuitive, playful self!
How to get it? You may go to and choose Products and then choose Essential Oils. From there, follow the links to Young Living where you can place your order or you may call Young Living at 1-800-371-3515. My member number is 1106631. I welcome you to sign up and join my budding tribe. 
I’ve highlighted this essential oil to accompany my article on page 7 entitled “Women’s Circles for Community and Reflection”
Julie Matheson is an intuitive holistic counselor, helping clients achieve greater peace and
ease one pattern at a time through her guided writing processes and energy clearing work.   617-233-4251