Your Body Was Created to Heal
By Coquille (Coco) Wilson of Divine Wholism
What would you do if you could have optimal health? Go where you want to go, see what and whom you wanted to see, do what you want to do with no limits? Aging is not only a frame of mind, but a state of the body based on its toxic load. What if I told you that there was a non-invasive, all-natural way to determine when an area of your body is out of balance and/or under stress is screaming to be fixed? Well, it’s true! No medicine or life sentences.
My name is Coco and am a practitioner in the functional health field as a Board-certified Nutrition Response Testing practitioner. “What’s that,” you say? Ha-ha, well, it’s an individualized approach to healing through a muscle test that works using your body’s energy field to determine organs and systems that are out of balance and what is causing stress in those areas. We then apply whole food nutrition and supplements to help remove toxins and allow the body to heal itself as it was created to do. We are passionate about providing as many unique bodies as possible with the best quality natural healthcare and education so they may be restored to optimum health and function.
If you are one of the many people watching the decline of our national and individual health, you may notice the large amount of poisons impacting our health and quality of life, and keeping us sick and dependent on the medical system or at best searching for what supplements may help cleanse or support our toxin laden bodies. What makes me so excited about Nutrition Response Testing is that we can test any substance in relation to YOUR UNIQUE body and see if it serves you.
I have been studying health and nutrition for 12 years with multiple areas of professional education. Alongside my BA in Psychology, Counseling, and Life Coaching, a certification in Applied Clinical Nutrition, I am constantly improving with the most rigorous courses for specialization in blood chemistry, herbal application, and gastrointestinal health. I am passionate about truth and optimum health complimented by moderate training and experience in the area of exercise. The most important thing I feel is missed in the medical industry is that they apply a one-size-fits-all solution instead of understanding that each body is different, and even aside from heredity, an individualized approach is required. From the way trauma affects the body, to what the priority of healing is in our body, there is a downstream effect of healing, or conversely, a decline of health. We deeply desire to help our community and culture regain authority over their health and quality of life!
Coquille (Coco) Wilson, BS, BC, ACN of Divine Wholism
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